Apple’s Iphone 2019- What Interesting Features It Would Come With

Apple’s iPhone 2019

Everyone is tremendously waiting for new updates of apple phone in this year. And why they do not wait? They should have to wait because Apple in every coming year comes with new features model.  In this year (2019), Apple is expected to offer its new models in the continuation of models iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. Apple has a tradition to launch three phones in a year with different size and multiple pricing points. Similarly, we are expecting a similar line up in 2019 with other new features and sizes. 

Although there is no particular name given by the co. for new iPhone updates. iPhone XI or iPhone 11 are the possibilities for the successor of iPhone XS. Along with the name of this upcoming iPhone model, the specifics are also a mystery. 


Apple is always known for its camera quality because it does not offer any irrelevant features in its camera and always capture photos with originality. Rumours suggest the next generation iPhone will feature a triple-lens rear camera and said to be working on multiple prototypes. The triple-lens camera has potential to captures pictures in a better way with the help of 3D sensing for augmented reality purpose, 3 times zooming capability and better performance in low light. 

However, there is no news come out for the front-facing camera other then TrueDepth camera systems. One more thing is that there could be possibilities of the smaller notch, waterdrop notch or no notch at all. 



The iPhone X, XS, and XS Max, unlike all other iPhones (which are based on LCD screens), launched last year have OLED screens. This year, according to the report from South Korean Electric Times in May 2018, plans to switch entirely to OLED from 2019. Experience says that OLED screen is great- it offers a deeper black screen than LCD and brighter whites, moreover, it gives better colour reproduction and superior power efficiency.

Touch in display

There are so many companies which are already offering this feature in their flagship phones. It simply means that you could place your figure on the display to scan it, instead of a home button. It is not yet clear that in display figure print scanner will remove the home button from future iPhone or not because apple yet not replace the home button with a virtual on-screen button from any phone. 

Other Rumors 

There have been rumours of apple pencil support in the update of 2019 iPhone which would allow you to work with a stylus on the device. Moreover, it is speculated that Apple will allow users to charge other devices such as airpods, earbuds with the new cable.  
The latest rumour about the new device is flying that it will come with USB-C which is quite common nowadays.  

However, the biggest prediction is coming is the face ID option. It is not the new feature, although, the other companies are also delivering the same features. Apple is launching this with high facial recognition technology even in low light conditions.

The latest news comes from different sources that the new iPhone may come with 5G connectivity.
Other expected features include bigger batteries of the phone, more premium frosted glass casing and similar to google pixel 3. 

Release date

The new iPhone is expected to announced in September 2019 and date of on sale will be a few weeks later. Apple has a tradition of launching three phones in every autumn for the past eight years. This time also it is expected to release three handsets in different size and features. There is roughly seven month until it launches but we are already excited to experience iPhone 2019. 


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