Apple iPad Mini & iPad Air Specs

iPad mini and iPad air

The tech giant Apple launched its upgraded processors yesterday; iPad Mini and iPad Air. These are the most popular and smallest device in the world.

“Get ready to use the elegant one”

With the strongest processor A12 Bionic processor iPad Air model is competing the iPhone XS and iPhone Pro. These both small soldiers are three times faster than XS and Pro one.

Have an eye on little one

Apple iPad Mini:

A long time after, many considerations were that Apple will dropdown its little soldier as not getting update. But it’s a great comeback with surprising features. In a tweet of Tim Cook, we saw the notch.


Apple iPad Mini Full Specification:

It is equipped with the entry-level 9.7 inch elegant display and playing with first-gen apple pencil. I know you were thinking about the Apple Pencil with magnetic “Charging Feature”.

The A10 bionic processor is powering this device and its screen is 25% brighter.

“True Tone of Colors”

In the time of color festival it includes an array of colors, which is best fit for its color tone.

The other basic features of Mini:

  • Touch ID finger print sensor
  • Face ID recognition system
  • 64 GB internal storage
  • 7.9 inch elegant display
  • Available in silver, gray and gold variant

Now, come to the next one.

Apple iPad Air:

As depicts from name, it’s a new in its own kind. I mean line-up. In the last time of previous launch of the devices, Apple hiked its price in market segment because of demand.


“Bit smaller but more powered”

Apple iPad Air Full Specification:

The iPad Air looks smaller the last. The last one was 11 inch and newer is 10.5 inch. Again, it’s upgraded with A12 bionic. It represents an evolution in comparison to iPad Pro. This one making it powered enough to empower you. It has a smart keyboard support in.

iPad Air is available in two versions of 64 GB and 256 GB of internal storage.

“Missing the lenses?”

Both iPad have 8 mega-pixel rear camera and 7 mega-pixel front camera. The most surprising feature in this segment; it is supporting the augmented reality concept. Both models carry compact design and ready to tune with “Smart Keyboard Accessory”. These features are making it compatible with most expensive models of Apple.

The basic features of iPad Air:

  • Finger touch sensor
  • Face ID recognition
  • Wide-array of colors
  • A12 bionic processor
  • 64 GB and 256 GB internal storage
  • Color variants are same as iPad Mini

What about prices?

If you are thinking to buy iPad Mini, can grab it for $329, have 64 GB internal storage.

If you are going for notch one; $499 for a variant of 64 Gb. If you need more, you can go for 256 GB but it will cost you high.

My Recommendation

The iPad mini hasn’t updated and carrying it’s last one processor A10. iPad Mini do not have good tone of colors. It is not making distance.

The Air has A12 Bionic processor with a good compact distance. I shall recommend you the iPad Air.

I explained all the features of both devices.

It’s you turn now. Use it and tell me how it is?

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