Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 Review: A Solid Performer For Day-To-Day Purpose

Xiaomi MI Notebook 14

With the global popularity of the smartphone market, Xiaomi is exploring the new business by launching new devices from its brand. After getting a huge success over the Xiaomi wearable gadgets and smart TVs, the company is expanding its wings in the Laptop segment as well. Xiaomi is one of the very few new brands in the laptop segment, but it is getting much popularity in the tech-savvies. 

Xiaomi is a reliable brand and brand recognition & trust are significant factors to consider when it comes to spending a huge amount. Xiaomi has been known for offering excellent value at the cheapest prices. With the launch of a brand new laptop MI Notebook 14, Xiaomi has become a powerful tech brand among various brands dealing in electronic gadgets. 

We have done Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 Review catering to the demands of tech-savvies and the buyers who are budget-conscious but looking for a featured loaded laptop to meet their daily purpose activities.    

Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 Specifications & Features, Design And Price

With the entry to the laptop segment, Xiaomi is eyeing to grab a chunk of share in the $ 548.23 to $ 822.23 laptop segment. The tech mantra is pretty simple here. Just like it did with most of the other products, especially smartphones, the laptop is packed with every latest spec at the most affordable price which is quite aggressive for the laptop market.   

Here is Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 Review to know the specifications & features, design, performance and price & availability. 

Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 Specifications & Features


  • 10th Generation Intel Core i5

  • 2GB Nvidia GeForce MX250 GDDR5 VRAM

  • 8GB RAM + 512GB SSD


The performance is where this new device shines and this because of the Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 specifications. It powers the 10th Gen ‘Comet Lake’ core i5-10210U quad processor. The laptop is good at overall performance because of the base frequency of 1.6GHz and turbo boost takes it up to 4.2GHz. The device runs the 15W TDP variant which is on the lower side and similar to the Horizon Edition. The laptop has an Nvidia MX250 dedicated GPU with 8GB of GDDR5 VRAM which is also available with UHD Graphics 620.

Coming forward with other MI Notebook 14 features, it is packed with 8GB 2666MHz DDR4 RAM which is not upgradable. And when it comes to the storage of the Laptop, it has 512GB SATA 3 SSD storage, which is a downgrade from m.2 NVMe SSD on the previous edition. You can also go with the 256 SSD variant if you’re looking for a cheaper option. Unfortunately, there is no additional slot available to extend storage capacity, which means you have to limit your data to replace the existing device with a larger capacity device for more storage capacity.  

It is observed in the Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 review done by the tech-savvies on TechtoReview that the performance of the laptop is pretty good. The latest Gen Intel CPU packed with DDR4 RAM and SSD performed exceptionally well in the testing. 

We have also tested this Laptop from the typing point of view. We have given this laptop to our Content Writers those workday usages include at least 20-30 chrome tabs all the time, writing on Google Docs, Youtube streaming, Slack running in the background. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi always turn on and brightness sets upwards of 80 all the time. The laptop gave its best every time, didn’t heat up, and ran smoothly on browsing multiple websites at the same time. Overall, it didn’t disappoint once, either in browsing or typing. Don’t worry, we’ll cover the keyboard section further in this post.  

If we see the laptop from another performance view, then we have tested Photoshop on this laptop. It responds to quick edits with multiple photos opening simultaneously. However, video editing, especially 4K, is somewhere not up-to-the-mark. But yes, occasional Full HD video editing is fine. 

Next about the disk speed where the company claims to give 600MBps. And in testing, it went near around 524MBps speed and 504MBps write speed in the sequential test. On the other hand, a 5.73GB folder took around 30 seconds to transfer between pen drive to MI Notebook 14, this disk speed quite standard and acceptable here. 

Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 Display & Design


  • 17.95mm thick, 1.5Kg

  • Metallic build

  • Minimal branding

  • 14-inch Full HD screen

  • Anti-glare coating

  • Narrow bezels

The laptop is quite pretty, slim, lightweight, and easy to carry. This means it is definitely made for portability. The Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 has a very simple design that can attract anybody in no time. When it comes to the body, it has a unibody all-metal build anodized sandblasted coating and weighs around 1.5 kg. In terms of thickness, it measures 17.95mm. 

It packs in a 14-in full HD screen display with 1,920 X 1,080 resolution. Besides this, you get the 16:9 standard aspect ratio, 5.7mm bezels at the sides and its 178-degree viewing angle gives you perfect wide-angle coverage. The screen itself is quite sharp as you can work with 50-80% brightness inside. At the same, the laptop did struggle with the viewing experience outdoors as it is pretty hard to view the content on the screen in the sunlight. The 250 Nits brightness wasn’t enough on the outdoor and content visible on the certain angles only. Overall the display is good as it sports IPS grade panels. 

Since it comes with quite thin Bezel as the Xiaomi has kicked the webcam from the laptop and offering a free HD webcam that can be attached with the laptop. You will find it a little complicated to insert a webcam with one of the USB ports, which is sacrificing too. You may also miss a number of video calls in case you forget to carry this important accessory that becomes a part of everybody's life now.

However, Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 built with a neat and simpler design, which is somewhere inspired by the Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The company manages to give the laptop a premium look and feel which is only because of the metal build.  

Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 Keyboard & Trackpad


  • Scissor Mechanism 

  • 1.3mm key travel

  • Gesture support

  • Full-sized Keyboard

Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 features a full-size chiclet keyboard with a scissor mechanism. As our Content Writers tested this with their whole-day typing, they have told us that key spacing gets fairly better and they haven’t faced any problem with typing as all the necessary functions are designed in the keys along with the spacious space bar. However, this model omits the backlight from the keyboard that can be a little tough to manage typing at night. 

Coming forward to the trackpad, there is fairly large space and Xiaomi utilized it well to fit a large trackpad. It is quite good and also supports Windows 10 gestures. Scrolling, Swiping, Zoom in/out was all smooth as expected. However, the quality of the touchpad could be better. Overall the laptop is perfect and extremely comfortable for long typing purposes. 

Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 Gaming, Audio, Battery & Connectivity

Gaming- Here, being very straight, the laptop is not meant for gaming purposes, but casual games like GTA Vice City ran without any hassle. That simply means you can play selected games without trouble. 



  • 2x2W Stereo Speakers

  • DTS Audio Processing App Support

  • 3.5mm headphone jack

Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 supports two 2W stereo speakers placed on either end of the machine at the bottom. These speakers are combined with DTS audio processing that lets you customize the sound signature as per the needs. You can also insert a 3.5 mm headphone jack to stream your favorite music while working. The sound output is decent and enough for a room. 



  • 46Wh Battery

  • 65W Fast-charging


Another thing that makes the laptop out of the box is its battery capacity. Here you get a 46Wh battery with a 65W fast-charging option. The company claims to last the charging up to 10 hours on a single charge and the laptop didn’t disappoint in battery capability terms when we have used it with 100% brightness, chrome, docs, slack usage, 15-20 minutes gaming, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

Connectivity- If we see Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 price, the laptop is worthy to buy with so many features and nice performance. As if we talk about its connectivity it includes a couple of USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB 2.0 a full-sized HDMI port, combo audio jack, and DV power in. There is no Type C and SD card slot which will be a blumer for the person who need extensive storage capacity.

Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 Price & Availability

This Notebook 14 from the house of Xiaomi is available in three variants that will cost you different. Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 price is like-

  • Configuration i5,256GB SSD + 8GB with GPU Intel Ultra HD 620 will cost you around INR 41,999

  • Configuration i5, 512GB SSD + 8GB with Intel Ultra HD 620 will cost you around INR 43,999

  • Configuration i5, 512GB SSD + 8GB with GPU Nvidia MX250 will cost you around INR 49,999

Besides launching multiple accessories like TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Earphones, Smartwatches, and fitness brands, Xiaomi has done well in the laptop segment. So go through the Xiaomi MI Notebook 14 review before purchasing it. 


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