Sony A7S III Review: A Perfectly Designed Filming Machine

Sony A75 III Review

Expectations could hardly have been greater. They are worth the wait though. The all-new video-centric Sony A7S III combines a set of comprehensive upgrades associated with its 5-years old procedure. A perfectly designed filming machine is capable of low-light action scenes with 12.1 MP powerful resolution. Apart from this, there are lots of features that will never put you off, but will the Bionz X image processor perform any better?

Though it was expected to be a little lackluster in comparison since this mirrorless camera, designed for the filmmakers launched to provide a brilliant video resolution of up to 8K. But with just 12.1 MP resolutions compared to its rivals with up to 45 megapixels resolutions, it becomes a little hard for the hybrid shooters who want a high resolution still and moving images at the same time.

For a gadget that has been awaited for so long, it seems that the all-new Sony A7S III won’t jump the mark in terms of specs and features. But to rate this in this way won’t fair enough because this is specially designed for the filmmakers and to meet their present needs.

Also, the Sony A7S III is really amazing and customizable in terms of meeting the specific needs of the filmmakers. With great image stabilization and a low-resolution sensor, designed to perform well in all conditions without having limits on video recording duration due to overheating, it would transform the way people were filming. Interestingly, the Sony A7S offers a wide range of HD and 4K codecs, in a personalized selection of 10-bit and 8-bit, 4:2:2 and 4:2:2 versions. It will be associated with a frame rate of up to 120P in 4K and 240K in HD. Talking about how the camera jumps out of the box, it sports a very little or no sensor cropping, AF working at all these settings, multiple versions of LOG footage for the highest dynamic range along with an easy HDR workflow. It makes it compatible to ensure the resolution is not thrown away to minimize it or create problems to process 6K or 8K files.

But Sony did it in an awesome way, instead of running after headlines, it worked and introduced the super gadget designed for the filmmakers around. With lots of codec choices without any limit on the frame rates, filmmakers can leverage its potential for fast readouts to enable fast frame rates and high bit rates at all the settings. It will work smoothly with all the functions, such as clever AF systems with eye & face detection. Also, it knows to differentiate the eyes & faces of humans and animals. This is undoubtedly an excellent feature that the shooters have been waiting for.

Though the expectation could go any better, the theory around the specifications is well & good. However, it all depends on the performance of the camera, if it doesn’t, these are useless. While we got a pre-production camera for the review, there are chances that the final image quality would be better. So, kindly run your eyes over this Sony A5S III review - a perfectly designed machine dedicated to the filmmakers.

Sony A7S III Review: Pre-production Camera Specifications

  • Model number: ILCE-7SM3

  • Sensor: 12.1MP full-frame BSI CMOS full-frame sensor

  • Image processor: Bionz XR

  • AF points: 759 on-sensor phase detection, 425 contrast detection

  • ISO range: 80-102,400 (expandable 40-409,600)

  • Stabilization: 5-axis

  • Metering modes: Center-weighted average, highlight-weighted, multiple, spot

  • Video: 4K video up to 120p, FHD to 240p, 10-bit 4:2:2 internal capture in H.265/ All-I H.264

  • Viewfinder: Electronic OLED, 100&% coverage, 9,437K dots

  • Memory card: Twin CFexpress Type A or SD/SDHC/SDXC card slots

  • LCD: Fully articulating 3-inch touchscreen LED, 1440K dots

  • Max burst: 10fps, up to 1000 raw frames

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

  • Size: 128.9 x 96.0 x 69.7mm

  • Weight: 614g (body only)

Sony A7S Review: Key Features You Get With This

Not for others but for the Sony A7S III, it’s really crucial to deliver 4K video with the 12.1 MP sensor along with a specific sensor with a low resolution compared to modern standards. Though, Sony knows to focus on the quality instead of just making the headlines.

Rather than using valuable computing power - and harnessing the heat it generates using pixel binning or line skipping high-resolution files to minimize the file size to 4K, the all-new Sony A7S III is designed to sport a full-frame 4K shooting. The huge-bu-a-few pixels around the sensor give huge benefits to high ISO and also get read faster compared to others. 

Talk about the processor, with a huge range of 10-bit 4:2:2 codecs can also be leveraged at the native speed of up to 120P in 4K which can go to 240fps in HD and 10-bit instill. It takes place while retaining the use of the advanced Auto Focus in all its glory. Interestingly, there is no limit to the autofocus that is designed to provide continuous recording without any concern about the heating.

Sony A7S III Review: Tech To Review Verdict

So, we have gone through all the features and found the Sony A7S III completely fine for those looking for one of the best mirrorless cameras in the market. Though you can find many of the best vlogging cameras in India, this one is truly made for the experts. 

If you want a camera to shoot incredibly high-resolution cameras, it’s good for you but if you need to record files in 6K or 8K, we would not suggest this in any case. But, if you primarily work in 4K or HD cameras and use the still image functions, this is the ideal camera that will suit your needs.

It can be replaced with big & expensive cinema cameras used for shooting short films and all. After all, this is the only camera that can shoot 4K videos at 60P full frame without cropping. Additionally, 240fps in HD with a very little rolling shutter. We would suggest you packing for the Sony A7S III for an amazing real-world video specification, incredible low light performance, stunning AF, even for the videos recorded.

We hope you’ll love this Sony A7S III review that is beautifully crafted to suggest the best video recorder in India. 


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