Yify Torrent: Is It the Best Site To Download Movies?

yify Torrent

Online users often search for top sites to download movies in HD quality with multiple genres. You can use Yify torrent to search for reliable sites, as it offers users many movies with free downloads. It has a wider peer-to-peer BitTorrent network offering validated high-quality movie torrents link for smooth downloading experiences. 

Is it the best site to download trending movies? Can we find all the latest movies on Yify torrents? Let’s answer all these questions in the blog through a detailed discussion about the platform. 

What Is Yify Torrent?

Yify torrent, also known as YTS, is a peer-to-peer sharing directory that uses BitTorrent and allows users to download large HD movies in small sizes. It was launched in 2010 to offer movie enthusiasts fast downloads and access to the latest trending movies. Yify has been a safe site and is still accessible despite facing challenges in terms of legality frameworks. Yify made a strong user base with growing popularity to add more quality movies and accelerate user experiences. You can download movies in excellent quality ranges of 720p, 1080p, 2160p, 4K, and 3D quality in compressed file size.

Now that you know some basic information about the Yify torrent and downloading torrent files and videos. 

Steps To Download From Yify Torrent 

It is not difficult to download files from Yify torrent, but if you follow these steps, then the process of downloading will be hassle-free. To download movies from the Yify torrent, you will need a torrent app downloaded on your computer/device. With that said, let's look at the steps to download movies from the Yify torrent. 

  1. After downloading the torrent app, open your web browser.

  2. Ensure that the device is connected to a secured and reliable network source.

  3. Search for the Yify torrent or YTS on your browser and open the link that follows. 

  4. After opening the link, search for your desired movie in the search bar and then choose the download quality of the movie. 

  5. Once the quality is selected, right-click on the bar to copy the link address. 

  6. Then open up your torrent app and copy the link in the app. Then click on OK, and the movie download process will start. 

  7. The downloaded movie will be saved directly to your device storage.


One tip you must remember is that using your IP address can be risky, so instead, you can use a VPN to encrypt sensitive information that could be otherwise misused and used in the public domain. So, before downloading movies using the Yify torrent, ensure that your connection is safe. 

Yify Torrent: Is it Banned Already? 

The usage of torrent websites does not fall under the legal parameters of most countries, so sites like Yify torrent are banned in a few countries. After its inception in 2010, the site has been subjected to multiple legal restrictions and lawsuits. In 2011, the site launched an official website, which was then blocked by the U.K., in response to which a new site was launched to get rid of to get rid of the ban.  

The site continued to gain popularity until 2015, and it was the most searched term on the BitTorrent website. 

The website was taken down in 2015, and then it was shut down temporarily. On 30th October 2015, the news of the permanent shutdown of Yify torrent surfaced. The reason for this shutdown was a lawsuit filed by MPAA. The lawsuit accused the website of copyright infringement.

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Want More Information About Yify Torrent  

Using the Yify torrent offers several options to its users. The user-friendly site interface makes searching for the desired movies easier and simpler. Since the site has a vast library of movies, ranging from Bollywood to Hollywood, finding the movie of your choice is still a simple task because the movies are divided into categories. Along with this, the site also presents its users with the latest movies that too in high-quality downloading formats. You can save and download the movie to stream it offline. 

Is It Safe To Download Movies From Yify Torrent?

Since the website posts a copy of the original content, the use of sites like Yify torrent does not fall under legal jurisdiction. In fact, downloading content from any such torrent site is an act that is punishable under the law. Due to the same reason, the website is temporarily shut down, and the users are barred access to it. In such cases, alternatives to Yify torrent are listed below: 

The Pirate Bay

So, if the site ever goes down, don't worry. You can make use of these alternative sites so that the entertainment is uninterrupted. Follow TechtoReview to get more useful information about movie sites and other trending tech news. 


Tech to Review does not promote the use of any torrent sites. So, readers are advised to use this article just for informational purposes and to use any such torrent site with discretion. 



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