How To Update Windows 10: Quick And Easy Installation

How To Update Windows 10

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This time, we bring you an illustrated guide to updating your Windows 10. If ‘how to update Windows 10’ is your concern, relax and take a back seat. 

Updating your windows is necessary to automatically keep your server up-to-date with security and bug fixes. Alongside this, it protects your system from malicious software. Apart from this, it is an easy way to add new features to your operating system. Thus, it is essential to update your operating system periodically and get a new version immediately, as soon as it is released. If it is time to update your operating system, here is how to update Windows 10 on your laptop or computer.  

Note: Before updating your operating system, make sure you take a backup of your system. While things may go wrong during an OS upgrade, we want your data to be secure. 

Now follow this step-by-step guide to update Windows 10 in a jiffy. 

Things you should know before updating to Windows 10 

  • Your system is connected to a strong Wi-fi or internet connection

  • There must be enough hard drive space

  • Check your update and security settings

  • If updating Windows 10 on a laptop, get it 100% charge


Now learn how to update Windows 10 in the next section. 

Step-by-step guide to updating Windows 10

There are two methods to update Windows 10. We will be elaborating one after one. Choose the one you prefer the most. 

Method 1 - Update Windows 10

  • Click the Windows button located on the left side of the screen

  • Navigate to ‘Settings’ (the icon resembles a gear)

  • Go to ‘Update & Security’

  • Click and check for the updates

Windows periodically checks for updates and installs them automatically. Using this method, you can check for updates if it is already installed. (And you won’t further require to search for how to update Windows 10).

  • The system starts downloading automatically if an update is available. If no updates are available, you will see a message saying, ‘You are up to date’. 

  • Leave the system to update and install the Windows 

  • The system will indicate to you if you need to restart the computer

  • Hit the ‘Download and Install’ feature below ‘Feature update 10 Windows 10’

  • It will help you to update Windows 10 if it hasn’t been updated yet. 
  • Once it has done, click on ‘Restart Now’


Note - Be sure to save anything you are working on. This could be  the last chance to save your data from losing. And if you want to reboot later, click on ‘Schedule the Restart’ and select the time that suits you. 

This is how to update Windows 10 simply. Let’s jump to another method immediately. 

Method 2 - Changing Windows 10 Update Preference 

  • Click the ‘Start’ button and go to ‘Settings’

  • Navigate to ‘Update & Security’ and click ‘Advanced Options’ available bottom of the screen

  • Check all the Toggle switches to set your preferences; the options are as below:

  • Receive updates for other Microsoft products when updating Windows

  • Download updates over metered connections (extra charges may apply)

  • Restart this device as soon as possible when a restart is required to install updates

  • Show a notification when your PC requires a restart to finish updating

  • Pause the update if you want to stop the update for a period of time and select the resume date. 


So the query on how to Update Windows 10 is sorted here.

Take Away!

Updating your operating system is important to make sure your system runs smoothly. When you update to Windows 10, you will have the latest features and bugs free operation. Though Windows periodically checks for the latest updates and installs them automatically. All you need to do is restart your system to check updates and install. There are times when you need to check for updates manually, and this is when you need guides like this that will help to find your answer on how to update Windows 10. 

Thank you for reading! We expect you to come back again, and we will try to assist you in all ways!


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