10 Important Advantages Of Linux That You Shouldn’t Miss

Advantages Of Linux

Are you purchasing a new laptop and wondering which operating system is best for you? There are several choices, such as Windows, Ubuntu, Mac and Linux, and users find it quite hard to make a decision. It has been observed that Linux is a premier choice for many users for several reasons. Linux has a simple user interface and has many features over other operating systems such as Windows and macOS. If you are wondering whether Linux is right for you, look at the advantages of Linux. 

Benefits Of Linux: Learn The Facts

Look at the advantages of Linux in brief:

1. An open-source software  

One of the major benefits of Linux is it is an open-source operating system which means source code is easily available to everyone. If talking about Windows vs Linux, anyone can download the source code of Linux for free, modify the code for their own use, and even create their own version of the Linux operating system, but this is not the case with Windows. 

2. More secured

An average user wouldn’t think of running their system without malware and virus protection. Every system and operating system, especially Windows, need antivirus software. However, Mac is considered safe due to its built-in antivirus; users still download third-party software to protect Apple computers. When it comes to Linux, it is more secure than these two. It does not mean it is invulnerable to hacking attempts, but it is just that it is hard to crack repositories, etc. 

3. Easy To Maintain 

Unlike other operating systems, Linux maintenance is simple and easy. It is one of the advantages of Linux operating system that the users are unaware of. This operating system is an army of open-source developers who make improvements to the operating system, fix bugs automatically, and constantly bring stability to the operating system. Each installation of Linux checks for updates regularly from its central code repository. Most updates are complete without requiring a reboot of the hardware.

4. Customisation

If you are looking for the advantages of Linux, then customisation is one of them. You can adjust its features, such as adding or deleting any feature according to your needs since it is an open-source operating system. Not only this, but you can also change your desktop background and make it attractive. Also, users can install icon themes to give an amazing theme to their system. 

5. Easy To Use

This is one of the important advantages of Linux that increases its prominence. The current version of Linux seems more user-friendly, and you can actually install and use Linux without any commands or guidance. It also has many great graphical users–interfaces that let users do something similar to Mac and Windows. Undoubtedly, this is one of the benefits of Linux that most users would not know. 

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6. Stability

One of the advantages of Linux is stability. Linux is considered solid & reliable and less prone to crashes than other operating systems. In Windows, you need to reboot the system after installing or uninstalling an application and updating your software, but this is not the case with Linux. Installation and updation are simple and can be done without any disturbance. It is one of the benefits of Linux that may help you to use this operating system. 

7. Compatible With Almost All Hardware

With every new release of Windows, some hardware becomes obsolete. On the other hand, macOS only runs on Apple devices. In this scenario, Linux comes in handy. The Linux operating system is lightweight and suitable for any system’s resources. Talking about the advantages of Linux, it is highly compatible with hardware, allowing users to choose only those drivers and features they need.

8. Fast  

While Windows gets down over time, this is not the case with Linux. The fast speed is one of the major advantages of Linux that you can not get with any other operating system. Linux uses an internal registry to track the installations, which helps it to stay fast all the time. 

9. Privacy

There has been plenty of talk about Windows storing lots of data. This is a major concern for some users. Whereas Linux stores little to no data of its users, making it safe and more customisable than others. It allows its users to take action if they suspect a piece of software is doing more than it should. 

10. Network

Linux supports great network functionality, and clients & server systems can easily be set up on Linux computers. This operating system is more robust in terms of a support network than other operating systems. This is one of the advantages of Linux that can help you to consider this operating system over others. 

Why Should You Choose Linux?

Linux is a free and open-source operating system. Whether you are simply looking for a reliable operating system or a complete server for your community or business, Linux provides something for everyone. With the above-mentioned advantages of Linux, you can see why you should use it. 

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