Best WordPress Hosting Solutions in 2019

WordPress Hosting Solutions

Nearly a third of all internet websites are hosted by the WordPress content management system. The priceless reason that has led to the high popularity of WordPress is the fact that it offers users with many automation and modification features, which comprises of more than 55,000 plugins.

Here are some of the most vital benefits of utilizing WordPress CMS:

  • Updates: it lets you to automatically update all your site’s components, which comprises of themes and plugins.

  • User-friendly: WordPress is easier to set up and friendly to everyone including non-tech savvy newbies. The reason WordPress is used by many people for different reasons.

  • Mobile responsive: by default, websites that are powered by WordPress are mobile responsive, making it crucial because more than 50% of the global traffic gets generated by smartphones.

  • SEO-friendly: Unlike most CMS tools that need you to put a lot of efforts in SEO, WordPress is SEO-friendly as it has pre-built index functions.

  • Accessibility: You only need a stable connection to access WordPress. In addition, you can access it on any device.

Nonetheless, failure to choose a dependable hosting provider might make your WordPress not to work effectively. Therefore, you can opt for emergency WordPress support that provides managed hosting solutions for all your hosting related issues. A good hosting service provider ensures websites are faster and available nearly 100% all the time.

When choosing a WordPress host provider, you should consider these 3 factors:

  • Customer support –should be available and helpful.

  • Uptime-should have a minimum of 99.94%


  • Speed-its other words are load-time.

13  Best WordPress Hosting Service Providers

Here are the best WordPress hosting service providers to use in 2019:

1. Bluehost

This hosting service is famous among bloggers, and small enterprise owners. For this reason, we suggest the use of Bluehost if you want to build your own website using WordPress.

Also, Bluehost has an uptime approximately 99.99%, the helpful customer support that is available 24/7, and a load time of 419ms. Additionally, it hosts over 2 million websites, and its owned by EIG who happens to own HostGator.

Their services are not that cheap, with the prices starting at $2.75/month, although they offer a free domain name for one year, as well as website migration for new accounts.


  • Powerful uptime and load time.

  • Free website migration.

  • Free domain name.

  • recommends it.


  • Does not offer a monthly payment option.

2. HostGator Cloud

HostGator was established in 2003 by Brent Oxley, but Endurance International Group (EIG) later bought it. As indicated on their website, they host over 10 million domains, thus ranking them among the top popular web hosting service providers.

Its average load is for 10months is 421ms, while their uptime is 99.97% which is okay. In fact, HostGator was only offline for 3 hours in the last 12 months. In addition, HostGator is the third fastest web hosting service.

HostGator shared hosting choice is a recent and enhanced cloud hosting. Its cost is $13.99/month, although they currently offer discounts of $2.99/month (you need to check if it’s still available) when you purchase a 1-month or 6-months plan. However, after that duration, you renew it with the normal price.


  • It is dependable.

  • One free website migration.

  • A single click installation for WordPress.

  • Good load time.


  • Its renewal fee is high.

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting was established in 2001, making it the recent WordPress hosting service in the niche. Recently, the service provider has become more popular. Furthermore, A2 Hosting claims to be 20 times faster than its competitors. This is somehow true, as its load time was faster than that of HostGator and SiteGround.

For the last 12months, the average load time for this service was 392ms. Basically, this is immediate page loading which makes even the impatient visitors happy because there is no waiting of pages to load. Moreover, this service establishes caching that stores data in a user’s browser. As a result, users will not have to keep on requesting information from your site every time they try to access it.

Nonetheless, the sad thing is that their uptime has gone down for the past few months, averaging to 99.91% that is equivalent to 8hours of downtime for a duration of 12months.

In addition, A2 hosting has helpful customer support that is available via ticket systems, phone, email, and live chat. In fact, the support responds immediately, and they provide responses that are easier to understand.


  • Its servers are optimized for WordPress.

  • It is the fastest WordPress hosting.


  • Its uptime is weak.

4. SiteGround

SiteGround was started in 2004, and it has developed into a large network with more than 800,000 domain names globally. Although they have servers all over the world, they have most of their staff located in Bulgaria.

In regards to uptime, SiteGround maintains its average uptime of 99.99% and 714ms load time. Additionally, SiteGround has welcoming and helpful customer support that instantly answers questions through their live chat.

Furthermore, SiteGround provides free migration for existing sites, and WordPress legally recommends it.


  • It has the best WordPress customer support.

  • It provides a free SSL certificate.

  • Offers free website transfer.

  • Reliable speed.

  • Good uptime.

  • Its officially suggested by WordPress.


  • Although they have three plans, their GoGeek plan is costly.

5. Green Geeks

It was established in 2006 by Trey Gardner, and it is currently hosting more than 300,000 websites. In fact, it is the only “actual” green host in our list, as it is entirely based on energy sources that are renewable.

According to their website, their uptime is 99.9% which is nearly zero downtime. That’s a huge claim but we shall see if they are “truly’ green.

After testing their performance, Green Geeks produced a 99.93% uptime, which is 0.03% more than their claim. This is equivalent to 6 hours of downtime, which is not good like HostGator Cloud or SiteGround.

Luckily, similar to uptime, Green Geeks displayed higher outcomes in speed. Also, their average load time is 520ms that is 36% more than the average of the industry.

Furthermore, their U.S. based customer support is available 24/7 throughout the year via email, phone, or live chat. Among their features are free website migration, free domain name, and free data transfers.

Their hosting service costs $3 .95/month, with a 30-day money back assurance. Too, every pricing option is all-inclusive. Despite having superb speed, the uptime of Green Geek is hardly average. It is somehow a deal breaker.


  • Free website transfer.

  • Green hosting provider

  • Powerful uptime.


  • Its load time is not impressive.

6. Dreamhost

Dreamhost was started around 1996 and has an enormous network of more than 1.5 million websites. Also, Dreamhost is a cheap and dependable hosting solution that offers a user-friendly control panel.

Irrespective of being under DDOS attack in August last year and offering data about an anti-Trump website that had great court monitoring, they still claim they are “Award-winning web & WordPress Hosting.”

Still, their page load time averages 724ms over the same period, which is not that good. Their uptime has remained low at 99.90% since they got attacked. However, they offer a few but good extensions. Their pricing plans are affordable, and they offer 30days money back guarantee.

To start with, they provide unlimited bandwidth, and if there were uptime issues they credit your account for each downtime hour. Secondly, they provide SSL, privacy feature, daily backups, server caching, and CDN. Also, they have a fast cloud server that holds up to 10,000 monthly visitors, a pre-installed JetPack plugin and an SSD storage of 30GB. Their customer support is fairly quick to respond.


  • Good customer support.

  • It's fast.

  • Dependable.

  • Affordable even to beginners.


  • Experienced a recent DDOS attack.

7. InMotion Hosting

InMotion is a privately owned hosting service provider that was started in 2001 and has a customer base of more than 300,000 domains. Also, the owners of this provider own a hosting website that is known as “Web Hosting Hub”.

For the last 12 months, their uptime was 99.94%, which is consistent. Although they claim to be the “best web hosting for enterprises,” their page loading time is 803ms which is slower than the average hosting industry speed of approximately 790ms. Thus, it's slow than A2 Hosting and HostGator.

Besides that, InMotion is a highly dependable solution for WordPress hosting and has pre-installed automatic updates, WP-CLI integration, and free backups among other features. WP-2000S is its most famous version, and it supports two sites that have a maximum of 50,000 monthly visitors. Also, the version offers you free themes, CDN, auto updates, unlimited bandwidth, and 80GB disk space.

The main disadvantage of InMotion Hosting is the lack of immediate account access. Therefore, any international customer may encounter delay and some hassle in the process of trying to validate a new account. Generally, the service is okay but you should not have many expectations.


  • Good customer support.

  • It is dependable.


  • People outside the US do not enjoy immediate account access.

8. iPage

Since establishment in 1998, iPage has grown to a large network that serves more than 1,000,000 websites. At some point, iPage was owned by the EIG (Endurance International Group). Despite being cheap, their performance is good.

iPage claims to be reliable WordPress hosting, and true to that they are highly dependable. Their average uptime is 99.98% which is impressive, and their average load time is 831ms which despite being the hosting industry average is not that bad.

Irrespective of being reliable, iPage is among the cheapest hosting solutions at a cost of $1.99/month. In regards to speed and performance, you will enjoy what you have paid for. Besides this, their customer support is friendly and helpful.

Nonetheless, iPage might not be the best WordPress hosting solution for you because of their slow speed, as well as the average uptime.


  • Affordable and cheap WordPress hosting solution.


  • Their customer support is not that knowledgeable and has a bad reputation online.

9. Arvixe

Arvixe was initially established in 2003, and it was later bought by EIG brand. Their uptime is 99.75% which is not great, and their average speed is 5,779ms. This speed is very slow, bearing in mind the average speed for the industry is approximately 790ms which is not that fast as some hosting providers load within 300ms.

It is estimated that Amazon would incur a loss of $1.6Billion because of one-second page load delay. With this, now imagine the mess the delay can cause in your business.

Similar to its slow load time, the customer support of Arvixe is also slow. You may take more than an hour to get a response even if the question is basic. Additionally, their pricing is costly at $7/month. But, this is upfront and in advance cost for two complete years. Otherwise, you will much more per month for any shorter plans.

They provide unlimited bandwidth and one free domain for life. Even so, there are better options than Arvixe which you can use to host your WordPress website.


  • Unlimited bandwidth and a free domain for life.


  • Unhelpful customer support.

  • High hosting costs.

  • Poor uptime.

  • Extremely slow load time.

10. Site5 Hosting

Matt Lightner was its founder in 1999, but he later sold it to EIG. Site5 Hosting promises that it’s the best web hosting for professional web designers. Their average site load time is 704ms, and their average uptime is similar to that of iPage-99.98% for the last 12 months.

Besides that, they offer good customer support via phone, email, and live chat if you have any query or in need of help. In case you want to test their service, they have a 90-day money back assurance.

In addition, Site5 Hosting provides three plans. The first plan is hostBasic at a cost of $6.95/ month, providing one website host and free migration. The hostPro+ Turbo is the second plan at a cost of $ 11.9/ month, and it offers a free dedicated IP, free migrations, and 24/7 customer support. Finally, its hostPro plan that costs $8.95/month, and it provides free migrations and unlimited websites.


  • A highly adaptable host.


  • Their cost in every plan does not equate the value.

11. Pagely

It provides an adaptable managed hosting for enterprise-focused WordPress websites. Also, it’s among the highly dependable service providers, thus attracting customers like Garmin, Booking, Disney, and other global companies.

Besides that, Pagely provides four various plans, which are:

  • Serverless-offers pay as you go plan.

  • Elite publisher-costs $20,000 per month.

  • Enterprise-costs $2,500 a month.

  • VPS-starts at $299 per month.

Although the prices are high, they show the value and functionality of the services.


  • Highly reliable.


  • High costs.

12. Liquid Web

It is an all enclosed hosting provider that provides dedicated, managed, and shared hosting. Apart from helping you with website transfer, they also assist you in selecting a plan that is suitable for your online business. This is essential because Liquid web offers a wide number of hosting choices.

Furthermore, they assure email hosting, compliance services, quality backups, quality storage, and 24/7 security. Finally, their customer WordPress support is quick, friendly, and helpful, as respond instantly.


  • Good customer support.

  • Highly reliable.

  • Suitable for all websites.


  • The costs are high, although they reflect the value of service.

13. WP Engine

More than 500,000 WordPress websites are hosted by WP Engine. It is loved by webmasters because it assembles a broad range of features, as well as enabling the topmost level of website performance and rapidity.

Among its primary features are:

  • Worldwide CDN.

  • 24/7 live chat support.

  • Automatic SSL certificates.

  • LargeFS.

  • Transferable websites.

  • Over 35 StudioPress Themes.

Although it offers a 60-day money back assurance, the startup plan cost is high for many, as its $35/ month.


  • Has many features and high website performance and movement.

  • Highly reliable.

  • Good customer support.


  • Higher startup costs.


If you are looking for a good WordPress website hosting provider, go for one with a load time lower than 700ms, and an uptime of 99.95%. Besides that, you can look for WordPress Experts that will help you to manage cPanel & provide 24/7 server monitoring.

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