Top 5 Instant Improvement Valorant Tips From An Immortal Player

Valorant Tips

Valorant is an excellent FPS game which was released in 2020. It has gained a lot of buzz due to its paced gameplay and awesome graphics. Players from around the world have downloaded it more than 100 million times.

Here are some tips as an immortal player from my perspective. The tips will cover caveats that a beginner should consider to ace this game. Use exclusive Valorant cheats to enhance your playing abilities.

Use credits wisely

Credits are vital in Valorant. You can use them to purchase weapons throughout the game. Staying at par with your team's loadout is necessary. If your team is buying in a particular round, you should buy with them. 

However, if you all have lost the round and your team members do not have credits for purchasing, you should also refrain from purchasing the weapons. Spend all of your credits in pistol rounds, as they are the most important. 

If your team manages to win these rounds, you will receive credits. You can use them to buy SMGs and shields for the following rounds. It will make it easy for you and your team to win.

Execute Careful Movements

Aiming and taking the shot is not the most crucial thing in FPS games like Valorant; you have to be efficient while doing that. By efficient, we mean you must make shots without overexposing yourself to the enemy firing. 

There is no point in killing the enemy if you lose most of your HP while attacking it. Use Careful movements, do not engage the enemy head-on if you see it advancing towards you. Peek through the corners and just put your crosshair outside the cover.

In this way, you will not get exposed much, and the enemy will have a hard time shooting at you. If you get in a situation where face-to-face combat is inevitable, make rapid movements while targeting, making it hard to aim. But this comes with a lot of practice.

Learn to Give Headshots

Headshots are the most effective medium of inflicting damage to your enemy. As a beginner, it might be hard to aim at heads in high-intensity situations, but later, it will be gratifying to build this habit. 

You will become so influential in shooting with the practice that your crosshair will automatically shift to the enemy's head. You can follow certain things to make your headshot game the best. Boxes are one over the other at many points in the game.

Thus, if your enemy attacks you while being parallel to these boxes, aim for the middle of the stack and shoot. You will hit it in the head for sure. Keep practicing this strategy in team deathmatches and custom games. 

Be Consistent

The best way to improve in any FPS game is to be consistent with your routine. It will give you a healthy mind, which will make it easy for you to improve in the game. Keep your posture right when playing, it will not let your muscles develop tension, and you can focus entirely on your game. 

Try to learn from the errors you made in the last game and not repeat them in the next one. Have a good night's sleep and do some exercise to keep your brain-stimulating, this will improve your reflexes, and you will be able to make quick decisions in the game. All the pro-FPS players follow a consistent and moderate routine which makes them insane.

Play Advantage Only in Distress

This is the essential tip for any inexperienced player. It would be best never to push every time you plant a spike. Know the suitable time where you can get maximum results from them. Play faster and set crossfires when your advantage is activated. If you are in a favorable position,  no need to push, be patient. 

Use your advantages when cards are against you. Consider a situation when you have planted a spike to level the ground in a 1 vs 3 scenario, and now you have to protect it. Now at this time, play advantages will come into play.


Valorent is a high intensity and strategy-based FPS game. Do not stay in a hurry to shoot your enemy; look for perfect angles and positions to shoot. In that way, you will inflict maximum damage with minimum HP loss. Follow a good and balanced routine to keep your brain active and body sound.


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