How To Delete Badoo Account: Step By Step Instructions

How To Delete Badoo Account

Do you no longer need a dating app and are looking for how to delete badoo account? You have reached the right place. You will walk through a detailed guide to remove the app in an easy way.

Maybe you are bored of using the same dating app, have met the true love of your life, or are spending a lot of time on it; there are several reasons why you feel like deleting your Badoo account. Whatever be the reason, you can bid farewell to this one of the popular social media networking sites in just a few steps. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step procedure to deactivate the account. So if you are sure about not using the Baddo account further, keep reading. 

A detailed guide on how to delete badoo account for different platforms. 

Choose the platform on which you want to delete the badoo account 

Whether you have a PC, Android or iOS, it is possible to delete the dating app from all the platforms. 

  • Web

  • Android 

  • iOS 

We have explained the instructions for all platforms to make it easy for you. Learn how to delete badoo account in simple steps from the web, Android and iPhone. 

Deleting badoo account on PC 

Can’t delete badoo account? Here is the solution for those who are using it on a PC. 

  • Open the website and sign into your badoo account using your registered email ID and password

  • Once you have successfully signed in, visit your profile by clicking on your name (in the top left corner)

  • Find the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen and click on it

  • Scroll to find the ‘Delete Account’ option appearing in the faded words and click it

  • Now you will see a pop-up box with ‘Delete Your Account’ written in it ; click it to continue 

  • A box will again appear on the screen asking you the reason for deleting the account

  • Choose any one reason that you find the most relevant and continue 

  • Once you proceed with the instructions on how to delete badoo account, a new pop opens up again asking the reason for leaving. Here you can check the given reason or provide your own and continue

  • This is the last step, where you need to provide your password and enter the captcha to confirm your decision, then click ‘Delete My Account’


With the detailed steps on how to delete badoo account, your account has been deactivated successfully. 

You will receive a confirmation message “Goodbye for now!”

And you will receive a confirmation mail. 

Delete badoo account on Android Mobile

If you are using an Android phone and want to delete the account, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps for how to delete badoo account on Android phones. 

  • First, sign in to your account

  • The second step is to go to the Settings option on the right side of the profile 

  • Now select the Account option under your personal information 

  • Click the phone number/Email in the Account option and you will be taken to another screen, where you proceed with the instructions on how to delete badoo account

  • An option ‘Delete Account’ will appear on the screen: click it

  • A box will pop up asking you to ‘Delete account’ with several other options. Check your reason and proceed by clicking the ‘Continue’ button

  • Here, Badoo will try to change your mind by offering premium services, but you need to ignore it if you are sure to delete the account and select ‘No, delete my account’ 

  • Now select the reason for deleting the account and proceed with the instruction on how to delete badoo account. You can select from pre-provided reasons or create your own

  • Once you provide the reason, it is time to confirm the deletion

  • You will receive a green colour pop up message saying, ‘Your account has been deleted’


Congratulations! Now you have successfully deleted your badoo account. 

Delete badoo account on iPhone

If you are looking for how to delete badoo account on iPhone, here is the solution. Read the following instructions and delete the account immediately. 

  • Sign in to your badoo account and go to the profile by clicking the person-shaped icon on the lower right bottom of the screen

  • Find Settings and navigate to the account option 

  • Search for Delete Account which is available in the faded font the below center, and click it

  • Next, you will be asked about ‘Are you sure you want to delete your account’ with many options. Make sure you do go with any of the choices

  • Further select ‘Delete your account’ and press ‘Continue’ while choosing any option based on your preference

  • Confirm the deletion by clicking on ‘No, delete my account’ despite being offered premium services

  • Finally, you will be asked about the reason for leaving. Select the choice or write your reason in the box and proceed with the instructions on how to delete badoo account

  • Once you give your reason, confirm the deletion by clicking on ‘Delete account’ 

  • You will now receive a message ‘Your account has been deleted’. 


Final words

Deleting a Badoo account is not rocket science if you have step-by-step instructions. Avoid reacting to any email asking to reactivate your account if you do not want to return to this dating app again. Suggest these instructions to your friends if they're going to deactivate but can’t delete the badoo account. 


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