A Brief Guide On How to Delete OkCupid Account

how to delete OkCupid account

Spending too much time on dating apps? Looking for how to delete OkCupid account? Here is the comprehensive guide, let’s understand the OkCupid platform first. 

We are living in a world of apps that make our lives easy and simple like never before. If every task can go online, why not find a perfect companion virtually? Many startup owners realise this gap created among youngsters by indulging too much in workload. The trend of online dating has grown in recent years helping users to find compatible partners to date with the same interests and values in life. One of the leading dating apps is OkCupid. We will explain what is OkCupid app is and methods to delete the account for the times when you do not want to use the app. So stay tuned to learn how to delete OkCupid account. 

What Is OkCupid?

OkCupid is the most popular dating site among young adults to find the perfect match! It makes online dating quite simple & effortless with an easy interface. Users are required to create a profile using OkCupid login with basic details, interests, preferences, choices and hobbies. It also contains an inbuilt feature that matches the compatibility of the profile with an estimated score. Based on the match, users can either swipe right to start the conversation or move to another profile. 

OkCupid is a US-based platform launched in 2004 as a free dating app for users to get their special one. Users can access OkCupid login using iOS, and android devices and via the website. The platform stands out with exciting features like live streaming, IQuid, and OkCupid chat, only if both users swipe right. It is a subscription-based model that offers more advanced features after paying the amount. 

Furthermore, not everyone prefers online dating, some users feel boredom, or distracted due to excessive use or decide to quit the platform once they find the perfect partner for them. Also, if there is any technical fault in your account you have a better alternative. OkCupid provides the option to delete the account permanently or disable the ID for a temporary timeframe. Here is how to delete OkCupid account. 

Want to Delete Your OkCupid Account?

Some users find it too interesting, while others might face bad experiences due to personal reasons. Don’t worry! As an active user, if you want to take a break here are simple steps need to follow to understand how to delete OkCupid account:

Steps to Delete an Account Using the Website 

  1. Visit the official website of the platform and log in using your username & password.

  2. Once you access the OkCupid profile, in the top right corner of the home page click on your profile picture.

  3. Click on the Setting option from the drop-down menu.

  4. On the settings page, scroll down to the bottom end where you will find written “Need a break? Go Here to disable or delete the account”; click on Go here.

  5. The OkCupid page will provide two options - disable or delete your account. 

    1. If you want a short break and want to rejoin the platform after a while, disable your account. No other users will see your profile but OkCupid will keep information to re-enable your account. Click on Disable your ID.

    2. To permanently delete your account along with the whole information of messages and photos - click on Delete.

  6. To delete or close your account, OkCupid will ask a few questions about leaving. Check one of the reasons and enter the password, then select the Delete button. 

How to Delete an OkCupid Account Using App

After knowing how to delete an OkCupid account using the website, it is time to discuss how to delete it using the app.  

  1. Whether you are an Android or iPhone user, open the OkCupid app & login using your credentials.

  2. Visit the profile section and click on your profile picture. 

  3. From the drop-down menu, click on Account settings 

  4. Same as the website, on the bottom of the page click on the option of 'Disable/Delete your account' (For a temporary break, click on the disabling account or, to permanently delete your account click on delete).


Probably, how to delete OkCupid account using a website and app is clear now. You can delete it anytime when you no longer want to delete the app for any reason. 

What Happens After Account Deletion? 

Once the user deletes the OkCupid account, no reactivation or recovery is possible. Every data and information associated with the account will get completely erased. If the user wants to rejoin OkCupid, they can create a new account using the same name and email ID.  

In case, a user selects the disable option, re-enabling would be possible. Enter your login ID and password it will ask for confirmation and reactivate the account. 

Final Words!

Overall, OkCupid is a great dating site for finding yourself the right partner. We are heading towards a tech-savvy phase where young adults rely more on applications. Online dating bridges the gap between individuals as they hardly take time to look for the right partner during their hectic routines. Apps like OkCupid provide a decent platform to interact with like-minded people and go on formal dates after chats. 

The idea of connecting through a dating app went viral due to high demand. Meanwhile, few users find boredom and leave the platform when they find the perfect one for them. Users delete the OkCupid login ID for several reasons like distraction users decide to leave the platform. In the blog, easy steps are provided to help users how to delete an OkCupid account or disable it. 


1. What is the difference between disabling or deleting my account?

Disabling your OkCupid account will remove the profile for a temporary timeframe from the platform. On the other hand, deleting the account will permanently remove the account leaving no chance of recovery.

2. Does my membership end with account deletion?

Yes, if the user opts for a deleted account it will stop and remove the membership subscription billing. However, upon disabling the account, users are required to pay a considerable amount to continue the subscription if the time period expires. 

3. How to delete my account if I forget my ID and password?

Yes, if you have access to the mail ID, click on the forgot password to get the new one. Otherwise, contact the support team of OkCupid to delete the account.

4. How long does it take to delete my OkCupid account?

It will take a few minutes only, once users hit the delete button the account will be removed immediately. 

5. How long has my deleted profile been visible on the OkCupid platform?

If you are using any search engine like Google, username and account information might be visible in archive format. In case you notice the account is still visible on the platform, contact OkCupid customer care. 

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