BestHDMovies: Legal Alternatives To Watch Movies Online


If watching movies is your favourite hobby, BestHDMovies can be your partner. This is a new platform to watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free. The website has an excellent collection of movies in a wide variety of genres that you can watch in the finest possible quality. The platform contains all the latest Hindi, English and Hindi Dubbed movies. Besides movies, there is a diverse range of entertaining content, including web series and television programs. 


What makes the website successful is its impressive user interface, making it easy for the users to find their desired content. With the help of an on-site search bar, users can browse through the huge library containing old to new titles. The content is available in full HD resolution, such as 720p and 1080p. Most importantly, Hollywood movies are available in Dual Audio effect, providing users with a theatre-like streaming experience at home. 

Details Of BestHDMovies Website 


Website Name 


Type Of Site


Type Of Content 

Movies, Television Programs & Web Series

Genres Availability 

Romance, Drama, Science Fiction, Horror, Comedy, Action, Adventure, etc.

Video Resolutions

720p, 1080p, and 1080p 10Bit HEVC

Require VPN 



Notable  Features of BestHDMovies

The BestHDMovies comes with several unique features that make it stand out from its competitors. Below are the key features of BestHDMovies: 


1.The website has a lot of entertaining stuff, ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood and old to latest. 


2. From best HD movies to TV shows and web series, BestHDMovies is a complete entertainment solution. 


3. The platform is free to access; everything from movies to web series is free to watch.


4. In addition to Hindi and English movies, the website also offers animated movies.


5. The simple user interface makes browsing simpler.


6. It is compatible with mobile, laptops and PC, which means entertainment will be on while travelling also. 


7. You can download full movies in HD quality, from 720p to 1080p. 


All these features make BestHDMovies the most preferred choice for users looking to download free movies of excellent quality. 

How To Download Movies From BestHDMovies?

Using BestHDMovies is simple. You just need a compatible device and a strong internet connection to make the downloading hassle-free and fast. Everything is available on the website's home page, which is easy to download. Read the following steps to learn how to download movies from BestHDMovies. 


1. Visit the official site BestHDMovies.


2. Search for the content from the given categories, movies, TV shows and web series.


3. Pick the title and choose the video format. 


4. Now click the ‘Download’ button and wait until it completes. 


BestHDMovies is a torrent website, as we mentioned above, and you should not use the website offering illicit content. Using such websites to watch and download movies can lead you to punishment and fines. So we recommend you use legal websites to watch the best HD movie. 

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Legal Alternatives To BestHDMovies

Legal platforms are always ideal for watching the best HD movie or web series. Following are a few best OTT platforms that let you watch all types of entertaining content. Not only this, but these platforms also offer news, reality shows, documentaries, and many other categories. However, these OTT platforms are paid; you need to buy a subscription to access your desired content, but there will not be any hassle. Without further ado, let’s check out the platforms. 


You are not living in the stone age; hence you need the best place to enjoy your favourite movie and TV shows. Needless to say, Netflix is the most popular website for watching HD movies, shows and series of different genres. Netflix has a decent library with a large collection of old to latest titles. You can discover Bollywood movies, Hollywood, and even Tollywood movies here. Moreover, it also offers original web series and animated movies. If you are looking for versatility and quality under one roof in place of BestHDMovies, Netflix can be the name. 

Disney+ Hotstar

The next paid service on the list of legal platforms to watch movies online is Disney+Hotstar. Here you can access top-notch services, including HD video quality, originals, device compatibility, and many more. The good thing is if you are accessing the platform from India, all daily soaps are free; however, the freemium version is injected with ads that may ache you. The premium account allows users to enjoy overseas and high-quality programs. 

Amazon Prime Video

Looking for the platform to watch the best HD movie? Subscribe to Amazon Prime Video. It is the most recommended platform to watch the latest Hindi or South Indian films, making it one of the best BestHDMovies alternatives. Apart from this, Amazon Prime Video also holds worldwide-specific movies and other content. All the content is organised category-wise; you can browse through genres, languages, regions or content types, such as movies, web series, TV shows, documentaries, etc. 


Each month, YouTube gains more users. Unlike other BestHDMovies alternatives, YouTube does not ask its audience to create an account to watch films online. From Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, and Tamil, YouTube hosts movies in many regional languages. Also, searching for movies is easy with the help of a search bar given at the top of the screen. As far as quality is concerned, YouTube offers various video resolutions to choose from.


SonyLiv is the product of Sony, India’s popular television channel. It is another alternative to BestHDMovies distributing TV shows and movies for free. But if you want to enjoy ad-free streaming, you have to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription. The majority of content available on the platform is India-based. Moreover, the library updates regularly to provide the audience with the latest entertaining content. There is no compromise with the video quality as well; you can watch the best HD movie and TV shows. 

With the list of the legal BestHDMovies alternatives, you can now watch your favourite best HD movie and TV shows hassle-free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is BestHDMovies safe to download movies?

BestHDMovies is a pirated website that may contain many unwanted ads and content. Clicking on these websites may redirect you to third-party websites, which might put you in trouble. This is why using BestHDmovies is not safe to use. 


How do BestHDMovies earn money?

Distributing copyrighted content is not legal and allowed, hence such a website earns money from third-party websites or advertisements. 


Disclaimer: This article is based on educational and informational purposes only. We neither host such content nor have links to any website and recommend our audience to prefer legit platforms to watch the best HD movie. 



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