5 Twitter Tools To Make Your Tweets Best And Funniest Tweets

5 Twitter Tools To Make Best Tweets

Twitter is another prominent social media app after facebook. There are more than 126 million audiences who are using Twitter on a daily basis. Most of the people find it interesting and others find it a spicy platform where they gossip.

Although, it is the strong platform to get interact with new people which enhance your confidence. The tweets you add from your twitter account play a vital role because a tweet is the only game on Twitter.

So it is mandatory to make your comments more interesting and eye-catching if you want to be well known on Twitter. With the help of Best Twitter Tools, it is possible to discover best and funniest tweets. If you do not want to miss some best moments on Twitter then here follow these magical Twitter Tools to Discover the Tweets that will help you to make your tweets overwhelming.

1. Create a custom Email Digest: Ketchup Email


Twitter is something like an open platform where everyone is free to share their thoughts. Some of the audience post when they have something substantial to say, moreover some of them do not want to miss good tweets every day. Ketchup is the mere thing that let you create custom email digests for twitter.

No matter you are already using Twitter or not, the users can set up a custom feed for an account. You can schedule the email digest you want, from every 15 mints to every 28 days, you can set time. Choose the time accordingly and sort of content will land in your inbox. Through this, you can rearrange the tweets chronologically or in reverse order and many more like exclude retweets and exclude quoted tweets.

Ketchup is the advanced and customizable Twitter Email digest that the network itself doesn’t want to give you control over. So go with Ketch which will make your tweets more effective.

2. Thread Reader


Twitter now lets users create threads, which is a sequence of tweets to each other. Reading these twitter isn’t seems the best experience. Below is the best twitter tool which can offer a much better way to read tweetstorms and threads.

• To access Thread Reader, you need to follow the @threadreaderapp account, furthermore, reply to any tweet with the word unroll.

• Another option is, to use threader, you need to follow the @threader_app account, and then reply to tweet with the word compile.

These apps are the Best Twitter Tools that will help to redirect those tweets into a single page just like it was an article. Complete the photo, GIFs, and videos. You will definitely find this way comfortable to view the tweets. Moreover, you can even bookmark it as a PDF to read offline later.

3. Twubbler


It is very interesting and most of the people find it curious to look at the timeline of their friends and other celebs. Then here is the option. Twubbler is one of the best Twitter Tool to Discover the Tweets that will show you by creating the special list of all the account which has posted something new.

For this, you need to sign in to twubbler to apply this app. Furthermore, enter the users account details and click on the user's list. Twubbler will ask if you want to make the list of the updates private if yes then lock it so that you can see it.

Once the list is created, open it in your twitter account. You’ll be able to see a timeline of what that person sees. It is the new way to know new perspective to see things from someone else’s point of view.

4. Really Good Questions


RGQ is a weekly newsletter curated by indie no-code maker Sharath Kuruganty. In the newsletter, a collection of interesting tweets will find by you that drive curiosity and set your mind’s wheels turning.

One question is often asked by influencers on Twitter to their followers, hoping to create a knowledge base of people-contributed data. Each tweet in the curate list will show how many replies it got. To unroll its replies in Twitter, you’ll need to click a tweet but you can’t browse that in the newsletter. Visit the home page and scroll down the list of examples of tweets if you want to know what RGQ is all about.

5. Funny tweeter


As we have discussed earlier twitter is full of spicy and funny news. The news present on Twitter has two phases it may be a scam or true as well. It is nor compulsory that every news has some controversial and activism because everyone is there not to laugh or to just crack jokes. Here funny tweeter is a kind of website unto itself, so you do not need a twitter account to read this news.

Hence, these are some Twitter Tools to Discover the Tweets which endeavor twitter users to make their tweets or comments funnier.


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