5 Reasons To Pay Up For A Good Internet Connection

why you should pay up for a good internet connection

Do you think you are courageous enough to take the challenge of passing a whole day without the internet? We are not saying it’s impossible, but it will be really hard for you if you are a regular internet user. Imagine, there was no internet connection in your home when your government announced a countrywide lockdown to prevent the spread of deadly COVID-19 Horrible! Right? Every single lockdown day would have become a nightmare for all of us if we didn't have a high-speed internet connection in our home. Just because we have it, we are attending classes online, enrolling in new online courses, working from home, meeting friends online and having fun, playing games, buying groceries online, and doing almost every other activity we used to do before lockdown. The Internet is really a blessing for us that made our life easier, improved the standard of our life and allowed us to take civilization forward with innovations every day. It’s not just an internet connection but a strong one that is making all these happen. Even though you have the best gadgets, skills, and qualifications, a poor internet connection will leave you unproductive and disappointed throughout the day. So, it's worth paying up for a good internet connection and the exciting news is that standard telkom fibre deals are available in your area to serve you at a reasonable cost. Continue reading to know why you should pay up for a good internet connection. 





If you are a business customer, probably this is the most significant factor for you to consider to take the service of a certain Internet Service Provider (ISP) and pay for that. A single interruption can cost you huge time and effort to get your concentration back to work. If you want to be stress-free and remain productive throughout the day, pay for an internet connection that offers Service Level Agreement (SLA). SLA is an agreement that states how reliable a connection should be. Maybe the connection you are using is good enough but things can go wrong anytime. It’s wise to choose an ISP with good customer service that can help get you back up and running fast. If you are to wait for several days to get the connection back, no reason to pay up the bill for something that caused loss to your business. 


No matter whether you are making a connection for your home use or business, the speed of the internet is one of the most important factors to be considered. If it can ensure disruption-free daily use even when the demand is at its peak, go for it, you need such a connection to remain productive and get your job done fast. When you are choosing a connection, you need to compare the bandwidth that can meet your demand. Bandwidth is the volume of information per unit of time a transmission medium can deliver. Don’t take it for granted that you will be receiving exactly the same speed a service provider advertised, try to collect speed data from the existing user to decide what speed you can expect. Choosing the fastest internet connection might be tempting to you but you need to think if you really need it or you will end up paying excess leaving it unused. 

Type of Connection:

A particular connection may seem slow to you although it is delivering a good download speed. You may feel satellite internet slower because of the process it transmits data. To get back to you with the required information, the process takes almost 500 milliseconds even at the speed of light. Adding an extra one or two seconds to every action makes it slower than a traditional connection. But don’t get fooled, consider the reliability, actual speed, and the other relevant factors before choosing a connection. 

Customer Support:

After signing up for internet service, you would have billing queries, various service-related issues, technical difficulties, upgrade inquiries, or product add-ons at some point or another to be communicated with the customer support team of your ISP. To get the best possible service, research the quality of the customer support team before choosing a plan. Carefully consider the time they take to address any technical issues their customers are confronted with. Remember that the more time they will take to fix an issue, the more money it will cost you creating hindrance in your business operation. It will hit you from both sides, causing a loss in business and also paying bills without receiving the expected service. 


If you sign up for a connection to be used in your business, make sure that you are choosing the right ISP that can serve you when your demand will increase along with your business growth. It’s not all about demand, the scope of your services may also be changed over time. Moreover, some ISPs offer additional services such as VoIP and SD-WAN while the others don’t. Explore the whole range of products and service offerings before you finally go for a plan so that you don’t need to change your internet service provider later on. 

Any disruption in your internet connection can cost you a huge amount of money, time, and effort. On the other hand, a smooth connection can improve the quality of your work and ensure the growth of your business. We hope that if you consider the aforementioned factors, you could choose an internet plan which is worth paying for their service. 

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