What Should I Check Before Buying A New Phone?

Need to check Before Buying A New Phone

With hundreds of mobile phone brands available in the market, it’s easy to get confused when you decide on a new device. Fortunately, you can find mobile phones that cost you less than $100, while others will take thousands of dollars from your pocket. Here are the most essential things that mobile phone users need to check before choosing to buy a new phone besides the cost.

Battery Life

The battery is among the most crucial factors you must consider when buying a new phone as you can have it connected to a power bank or charger all day long. However, the battery usage will differ for each user as it depends on how you use your smartphone.

For instance, users who like to use multiple apps simultaneously or constantly like playing games and using streaming apps will need a phone with a long-lasting battery. That’s because such applications tend to drain your phone’s battery faster.

Software Customization & Integrated Functions

Are you looking for a phone that supports the NJ sports betting app, heart rate monitor, UV sensor, and an inbuilt fingerprint? If that’s what you want, you’ll have a wide range of choices from the latest mid-range smartphones on the market to the latest hardware innovations. However, don’t only choose a phone based on its hardware features.

To ensure the phone supports the customization features and functions you need, switch on its display and check out the software’s in-depth features available. Also, check whether these software customization options work for you. For instance, if you like sharing your phone with children, ensure the phone will allow you to switch on parental control or guest mode.


Each mobile phone has two types of memory – ROM and RAM. ROM (better known as internal storage) stores all your files, including media data, while RAM determines how fast your smartphone will be and the number of apps that can run in the background. That means you should look for a large ROM if you like storing a lot of media files on your phone (e.g 32GB ROM, 64GB, or 128 GB). However, a phone with 3GB/4GB RAM paired with a 32GB or 64GB ROM will be enough for most users.


With the rise of social media apps, the camera has become an important part of a mobile phone as people want to constantly take pictures of their lives and experiences to share with friends. Unfortunately, there are lots of mobile phones on the market with poor camera quality.

Check for the number of cameras that the smartphone has, number of megapixels, aperture size, hybrid autofocus, special effects, optical stabilization, manual modes, unique selfie features, and others. However, a high number of megapixels don’t mean that the camera will take good pictures. That’s because all the other camera pictures like aperture, ISO, and others also come into play.

Processor and Hardware

The processor is what controls every command you give your device. It’s basically your phone’s brain, managing the performance of your device. However, there are quite a number of jargon you’ll find when choosing the processor that you might need. That includes terms like Dual-Core, Octa-Core, Quad-Core, Mediatek, Snapdragon, and others.

When choosing a smartphone, check the processing speed indicated in GHz (GigaHertz). The higher the value indicated, the faster your smartphone will be as the processor will have enough speed to execute commands. Smartphones powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are also known to be great in offering a good price to performance ratio.

Build Quality & Design

The build quality of your phone is all about durability. The whole handset market is mainly divided into plastic or metallic builds. However, some feature glass-coated panels, but they are quite limited, fragile, and expensive. As such, users prone to drop their phones should consider going for a plastic or a metallic built handset.

A phone’s design is also an important factor to consider, but that boils down to personal taste. Some users might prefer a sinuous design with more rounded lines, while others go for a sturdier look with sharp metal edges and straight lines.

Display Size & Type

For users who like reading books and news updates or getting lost in the immersive world of HD android games, you’ll need a mobile phone that’s equipped with at least a 5.7 inches screen. However, users who mainly use their phones for sending messages and interacting with friends on social media will have no issues going for a smaller screen.

The display technology also matters for the picture quality and you can choose between AMOLED and LCD screens for Android phones. LCD screens are normally brighter and the content display looks better under direct sunlight. Amoled display, on the other hand, gives more saturated colors and sharper contrast. However, new technologies are making the difference between the two hardly noticeable.

Operating System

The main operating systems dominating the smartphone market are Android and iOS. However, whether you choose android or iOS, you’ll find many versions available. As such, you’ll need to choose a smartphone that supports the latest Android or iOS versions.


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