What Are The Best Online Casino Bonuses?

Best Online Casino Bonuses

Playing online slots and blackjack is exciting until you run out of money. Now, you have to decide whether to add more funds to your account or whether to play free to play slots.

In this age of bonuses, you can gamble online even when you don’t have money in your account. Of course, that depends on the specific casino promotions you claim.

In this article, we’ll explain more about the best online casino bonuses in 2022. Let’s get started.

1—No Wager Bonus

Also known as a zero-wager bonus, this casino promotion can be a welcome bonus or a loyalty reward. Either way, it’s a must-claim bonus. Here’s why—it’s like receiving free money.

You see, most bonuses come with a condition known as playthrough (wager requirements). It requires that you spend 5x to 40x your bonus amount at the casino before you withdraw your bonus winnings.

Let’s say you receive a $100 welcome bonus with 40x wager requirements and use it to win $800. Before you can withdraw your $800, you have to spend $4000 at the casino to fulfill the requirement.

Zero wager bonuses have no such rule. If you win money from your no wager bonus, you can withdraw it instantly. This is why it’s the best casino promotion online.

2—No Deposit Bonus/ Free Spins

Zero wager bonuses are difficult to find. But guess what? The Internet is jam-packed with no deposit offers. This promotion targets new customers. It aims to convince them to open an account at a specific casino.

As mentioned, you can receive free spins as your no deposit freebie. Or you can get betting money. Regardless, you’re not required to link your credit card to get the offer.

Should you care about a free spins casino bonus? It’s a casino freebie that doesn’t ask you to deposit money to your account. Of course, you should consider grabbing this offer, especially if it comes from a reputable operator.

Also, read the bonus terms. How many free spins will you get? How much is each spin worth? Read through the fine print. If you don’t like the terms, look for a similar bonus at another casino.

3—First Deposit Bonus

This is the most popular casino bonus online. Almost every gambling site has it. In fact, they all tend to have the same promotion—A 100% match deposit worth up to $100, $200 or $500.

Sometimes, though, you can find a casino with a Deposit $10 to get $40. This is a 400% bonus even though it’s capped at $40.

The reason first deposit bonuses are so popular is because they assure casinos that you’ll spend money. You’re not there just to get a bonus and get back to your favorite casino.

That said, a first deposit bonus with friendly terms is one of the best promotions you can get from a gambling site. For one, you can use this bonus to play nearly all casino games.

You’re not limited to a couple of slot machines: This is common with no deposit bonuses. First deposit bonuses give you the freedom to choose games you want to play, from video slots to table games.

Although these bonuses let you choose games to play, they have terms you must follow. For example, there’s always a wager requirement. Then there’s a maximum you can spend on every game and a withdrawal limit.

4—Live Casino Bonus

This is one of the newest bonuses in the iGaming industry. It targets live casino players. You know—people who prefer to play blackjack, poker, roulette and baccarat in a live setting.

Live casino gaming is a new trend in the industry. It connects gamblers with human dealers and opponents through video links. In doing so, gambling online feels social, competitive and lively.

Anyone can qualify for a live casino bonus. That’s because it is usually a deposit-based offer. You need to fund your account to get this promotion. It could a 100% match bonus or a 200% bonus.

The only catch is that this bonus works with live casino games. You can’t use it to play slots, video poker or RNG blackjack games.

5—Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is a loyalty bonus you can only get at the best casinos. Many companies welcome you with a generous offer. Once the honeymoon is over, you never get any other freebies.

With top-tier casinos, you qualify for a bonus every time you reload money to your account. It might not be a 100% match bonus. But it could be a 50% bonus for every deposit you make on a weekend.

A 50% bonus every weekend adds up to 200% by the end of the month. If you’ve been receiving $50 every weekend, you’ll end up with $200 at the end of the month. This is decent cash.

You can use your reload bonus to play video slots, and table games. But similar to other bonuses, this promotion also comes with wager requirements. So, read these rules to know what you’re getting into.


A cashback needs no introduction. Airlines, shopping sites, grocery stores and tech companies all tend to give out cash backs to loyal customers. The way it works, you get a small refund from your shopping expenses.

In the casino space, you receive a 5% to 20% kickback from your casino losses. You get actual cash—no wager requirements.

7—VIP Programs

These days, casinos prefer to use the term ‘Loyalty program’ instead of ‘VIP Program.’ That’s because modern VIP programs are not for high-stakes players only.

Anyone can earn a VIP reward. All you need is to gamble at a casino regularly. In turn, you’ll earn points you can later redeem for gifts like free spins, cash prizes and fast withdrawals.

High-stakes players get the best rewards from these programs. You see, loyalty programs tend to be tier-based. High rollers can easily get to the top of the pyramid. 

At the top levels, rewards can be luxurious cars, cruise ship tickets or sports tickets. 




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