Ways To Jumpstart Your Career In SEO

Career In SEO

With the digital revolution, the way businesses work in today’s world has transformed. The marketing world has changed, and digital marketing is the new trend. One crucial part of digital marketing is search engine optimization. The opportunities for a career in SEO are tremendous due to its importance for companies.

Since businesses have shifted online, they develop more and more content every day. But what makes them stand out in this massive heap of content and data? This is where SEO comes into play. SEO is the process of improving a website to increase its visibility in relevant searches. This is needed to get the attention of prospective clients and customers to your business or website. With SEO, you can rank your website high when users type relevant keywords in the search bar. Without increased visibility, companies cannot reach their target audience and build their brand presence.

Search engines have an extensive index for each keyword that a user inputs in the search engine. Hence, whenever someone enters a search query, the search engine runs through this index, and you see the results on your screen. Indexation happens with the help of crawlers. These crawlers search for information from all the new and updated content present on the internet. Then, crawlers drop this information in binary code to build the index, and that index is analyzed based on the search engine’s algorithm.

SEO experts are responsible for identifying the patterns of these algorithms and follow SEO-friendly practices to promote content. They optimize web pages so that it appears on the search engine’s first page. With SEO, businesses aim to get more users to visit their website and discover content. To drive traffic to a company’s articles or blogs, SEO experts identify relevant keywords and how these keywords can be embedded in the article to get picked up quicker and higher in a search engine’s database. 

Here are some ways to jumpstart your career in SEO –

Ensure your interest in SEO and digital marketing –

Before beginning your career in SEO, you need to make sure that you are sure about this field. SEO is a dynamic field because user expectations and search engine technology keep changing. If you are someone who wants a steady job, this field is not for you. However, if you are a creative individual who likes the fast-paced nature of the digital marketing field, you will thrive.

Know the scope of SEO –

There is tremendous scope in the field of SEO. Beginners can start as SEO freshers or trainees in a company and become SEO specialists, SEO project managers, and digital marketers. You can also work as an SEO freelancer and build your brand.  

Educate yourself –

For a successful career in SEO, a degree or higher education isn’t mandatory. However, you will require specific skills. You can learn these skills and concepts by taking online courses. These are the skills and concepts you need to know –

  • Web development (HTML and CSS fundamentals)

  • Web analytics

  • Search engines

  • Keyword research

  • Social media

  • Tools such as Google Search Console, Google PageSpeed Analysis, Small SEO Tools, etc.

  • Technical and advanced SEO concepts

  • User experience and customer behavior

If you are looking for online courses, you can learn SEO for free to start your career in SEO.

Learn to use SEO tools and techniques –

For SEO experts, SEO tools are their weapons. Hence, you need to learn SEO tools such as SEMrush, Open Site Explorer, Screaming Frog, and Google Keyword Planner. You can learn these tools by watching YouTube videos and certificate courses.

Improve your writing skills –

As an SEO expert, you need to improve your writing skills since you would optimize the page title and content. Hence, your writing skills and command of the English language should be excellent. 

Acquire development skills –

To succeed in the SEO field, you don’t need to be a developer, but having some basic development skills can help. Learn languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as you may be required to make SEO-related changes to a website.

Prepare for an SEO interview –

If you want to take up a job in SEO in a company, you need to prepare for your interview. First, brush up on the basics and take mock tests to check your level of knowledge. You can also read a list of SEO interview questions and prepare your answers accordingly.

SEO internship –

You can also opt for an SEO internship if you want to get an idea of the field before taking it up as your full-time career. With training, you can also further your skills and knowledge in the SEO field and get practical experience by working on real-time projects.

Network –

No matter which industry or role you work in, networking is a must. As mentioned earlier, SEO is a dynamic field with constant changes and updates. Hence, to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the area, you should expand your network by connecting with digital marketers, content specialists, and other SEO experts. You can use platforms such as LinkedIn to connect with them.

Build your own website –

You can build your website to gain some practical SEO experience, such as a blog on SEO and digital marketing. You can post your content and practice SEO skills by driving traffic to your website. 

Continue learning –

Once you begin to work in an organization in the SEO field, don’t forget to keep yourself updated by pursuing certifications and courses. Since it is a volatile field, there will always be new tools and technologies coming in.

The demand for SEO is currently high, and the job market is booming right now, with opportunities for SEO professionals. Companies and organizations hire digital marketing professionals and teams to promote their business and reach their target audiences. Being an SEO expert has various benefits, including good pay and continuous learning opportunities. Hence, if you are looking to jumpstart your career in SEO, follow the steps mentioned above.


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