Rich Interactions Is The Way To Go In VR Gaming

VR Gaming

The entertainment industry, being susceptible to new technologies and solutions, is always trying to grow. For the gaming business, it means better gear and more advanced games. That is why we are intrigued about the new ideas coming from the realm of Virtual Reality.




It is true that better and better games keep coming to please the users, VR not excluded. While most people eagerly await Cyberpunk 2077, while playing some of this year’s hits, there are quite a few promising and anticipated VR games to be released next year. And right now, fans can enjoy the ambitious new release from Oculus Studio - Asgard’s Wrath. However, having general knowledge about what VR is and what it could be, we have high expectations. Surely, there is room for improvement here, and Rich Interactions is one of the things worth focusing on.

Highly advanced features for complex interactions implemented for VR devices will undoubtedly improve any game. It could also take them to the next level, or even help make an uncomplicated one all the more pleasurable. Take poker, for example, which does not have a storyline or multifaceted gameplay involved. Of course, you still need a specific set of skills to master it, but that isn’t too engaging. Providing the players with sophisticated interactions makes up for an amazing experience and is, quite literally, a game-changer. If seemingly simple productions can benefit from an increased focus on Rich Interactions, imagine what that could mean for your favorite titles.

Naturally, the introduction of Virtual Reality and specific software has brought plenty of challenges for developers. Not only from the gaming department. What connects them, and other VR designers is the need to focus on Rich Interaction as the core of all new elements when creating a game or application. It isn’t a coincidence that all the best VR games have this thing in common: the interactions in their products are always very refined and merely fun to perform. Even if it’s quite basic, like enjoyable but straightforward Beat Saber, it has to do an excellent job in terms of engaging players.


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