Six Ultimate Tips To Keep You Safe On Social Media

Tips To Keep You Safe On Social Media

There are over four billion social media users around the globe, and it's a guarantee that more than half of them are not even aware of the risks that social media platforms bring. 

Remaining safe while being active on these websites requires a bit of effort and common sense, and the term 'security' in this context consists of a fair bit of elements. They are consiced into the following six tips that you can easily implement in your daily social media usage routine.

1. Avoid Posting Personal Stuff

As time goes by, it seems like more and more people are starting to document every single moment of their personal life on social media - and they're going into the tiniest of details. Posting an occasional picture here and there is likely not going to do you any harm. However, if you show your daily routine, locations you visit, cars you drive, people you meet up with, it makes you an incredibly easy target for those with malicious intents.

Millions of people fall victim to identity fraud each year. Also, anyone who sees your posts and locations is a potential stalker. Treat your social media profile as if it's a publicly available diary - no identifying details, no valuable information, no email addresses, etc.

2. Don't Click On Strange Links

Since the start of 2020, Google has registered over 2 million phishing websites. These clever fake websites try to act as real social media homepages by copying the design, making you log in through them, and then sending your information to the scammer behind them. In order to make them appear legitimate, scammers register them on domains that closely represent the real deal. Fortunately, there is always a noticeable difference if you look closely enough.

To avoid these phishing websites, it's best to completely stay away from suspicious links. Additionally, when you're entering some identifying information, make sure that you're on the legit website by checking the URL at the top of your browser.

3. Stay Away From Sketchy Emails

Just like the previously mentioned phishing websites, scam emails are going to try to trick you into thinking that they're coming from a legitimate sender, usually the company behind the social media itself. They usually mask their attempt by saying that your profile is in danger and needs immediate attention. This kind of approach embraces the hasty nature of many people so that they won't check whether the email is coming from a legitimate address, and instead immediately follow instructions.

If you receive an email asking you for personal information, you can be 100% sure that it's a scam. Legit companies won't ask you to send them anything that can potentially compromise your safety through email. If you encounter something like this, simply delete it and move on.

4. Make Your Profile Private

When you first create your profile, almost all of the social media platforms make it public by default. As a result, anyone who searches for you and finds the profile can see what you've posted as well as all your photos, regardless of whether they're following you or not. This can be fairly dangerous, especially since you have no idea who's been watching your profile or who's checking it on a regular basis.

Fortunately, this is very easy to override. All you have to do is go to your profie's settings and set it to private. This way, only those who you've approved will have access to your photos and posts.

5. Don't Mention Your Location

There are a lot of people (most of them on Instagram) who include their location on all of their published photos, without even realizing that it compromises their privacy. A particular location gives a lot of insight into that person's routine, as well as their preferences and commonly visited places. All it takes is for someone to search for photos by location, and that post will show up in their feed. It's a massive security hazard, which is why you should always avoid revealing your photos' locations.

6. Check the Social Network Sellers with Spokeo

Trading through social media is becoming increasingly more common, and there are a lot of groups specifically for that on a wide variety of different platforms. Due to the lack of any regulations, it's no wonder that this practice attracts a lot of scammers. However, you can also find some very cheap, high quality items if you're careful enough. With Spokeo, you can be sure that you won't be the next victim of a scammer.

If you had a complete insight into the seller's name, location, past criminal records, and other information, you'd know whether they're legit or not. Spokeo, a reverse phone lookup tool and email lookup tool will generate a report containing just that. All that you need is that person's email address or a phone number. After you've run a search with Spokeo, it will attempt to find a match in its extensive database, and return any positive results so that you know exactly who you're dealing with. Using Spokeo, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're an impossible target for scammers.



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