Top Smartphone Apps To Help You Study

Top Smartphone Apps To Help Study

How do students usually assist themselves in studying? Ask friends and groupmates to help them, search for the answers on the Internet or just ignore the problems. We think that these solutions perfectly describe students, but the list lacks one important aspect. They all also get professional assistance on the Internet. Now it’s possible to download free examples of law essays, but they aren’t always necessary for students. That’s why it’s better to click here and get some samples of the papers you need. 

However, essays and other written papers aren’t the only assignments college students have to do while studying. They have a lot of duties to do, and sometimes it’s too difficult to keep them all in the head. Almost all modern students have new smartphones, but they don’t know how to make the most out of them. Listening to music and browsing social media can help spend time, but not to study well. Whether you’re a freshman student or graduate college this year, some extra assistance from your smartphone will be useful.

1. Google Drive

Do you know how much time you spend searching for the necessary document on your computer or smartphone? Use Google Drive to upload all your documents to its cloud and access them at any time. Install both mobile and desktop versions for a comfortable experience. Google Drive lets users view documents offline, add friends or colleagues to make corrections. If you don’t need to have a huge storage space, a free version will be enough.

2. Photomath

Those who study math and close disciplines are one of the smartest people, but there are some problems they can’t solve, and it’s okay. The attempts to find a solution to a task or equation rarely have any result. In such situations, Photomath can help. The camera recognizes the task, and Photomath uses the database of algorithms to offer you the right solution. Detailed explanations and instructions help you understand a complicated topic. 

3. Coursera

You may state the college curriculum gives you enough knowledge, but who said you have to stop on it? Do you know that the more additional information you learn, the better is your academic performance? There’s probably no student who never tried to impress a teacher and get closer to becoming an A-grade student. Coursera collects courses published by different universities and other organizations and offers many of them for free. Pay only if you need a certificate. 

4. Evernote

If you don’t like taking notes, you probably do it wrong. Even teaching staff realize that scribbling makes no sense and let students type notes on their smartphones. The in-built notes app on Android and IOS is far from being convenient for students, so Evernote is the best alternative. It lets you write as you want, change the font and style of writing, add images and interactive elements to notes, save them in PDF format and send them to groupmates. The search engine is really good so you won’t have difficulties finding the necessary notes. 

5. XMind

How often do you use your brain to the max? Brainstorming is a very useful activity for the brain and studying as well, but students consider that they don’t need to practice it outside the classroom. However, brainstorming lets find the solution for the complicated assignment you seem you’ll never find. You may use a free version or get a better one at a student discount. It works well with the Evernote app, so you may use both to save the results in your notes.

6. Dragon Anywhere

If you have a recording of the lecture you’ve visited, and you need to make notes of it,  it’s time to take advantage of AI. Dragon Dictation is free software, available both on Android and IOS. It recognizes the speech and transforms it into plain text. You may also create your own notes by dictating a text from the textbook to this app. The result can be saved on the smartphone or shared with someone through email or messenger. 

7. Quora

Sometimes students don’t have enough money to buy papers, but they still need assistance. There’s a platform where you can find an answer to one of your questions if someone has already posted it or ask experts for help. Quora is a friendly community where people share and get knowledge for free. Money isn’t important for people here because Quora supposes knowledge is valuable in itself. Ask for help when you need it, and answer questions you’re proficient in to help others. 

8. Duolingo

Perhaps your degree presupposes studying the second language, or you’re an international student who has difficulties with adapting to a new environment. Try to install Duolingo. It lets you study languages at ease. The design may make you think this app is for children, but all game-like apps show really good results. Duolingo is a perfect app to start learning a language.

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