Top 5 SEO Strategies You Must Implement To Improve Your Businesses Online Presence In 2020

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In the present era of digital technology, every business and organization needs to have its presence over the internet. This approach makes them visible to the potential customers.

Every business in this age must invest something for their SEO Company Perth . One of the most important elements of digital marketing is the Search Engine Optimization. To cut the long story short, let’s first understand what Search Engine Optimization actually is!

Search Engine Optimization is better known as SEO in the digital world. It is process through which the results are optimised for achieving traffic on the website or webpage through organic, free, natural or editorial process and enhance the reach of your business among the potential customers. 

According to a research on an average, Google makes changes in almost 3200 algorithms every year. Isn’t this number very huge to observe? So to cope up with all these changes and keep your business ranking without getting much impact by these changes, you must have a clear strategy on your SEO tactics

To keep your website among the most searched for and to achieve great rankings for your business, you may want to follow the given few SEO strategies that will help in improving your business’s online presence in 2020…

User-focused Optimization and BERT:

As a professional of SEO, you might well know about the BERT algorithm introduced by Google in 2019 and the amount of attention it grabbed. As SEO personnel, everyone wanted to make use of the BERT. 

It is suggested that, rather running behind this particular algorithm, focus more on the user-focused optimization and also work on your content delivery in the technical way. This surely means that you need to keep on reassessing the user access points along with the content alignment according to the searches. It is to be kept in mind that, you always need to keep an eye on your potential customers. It is very essential for your SEO strategies to be familiar with that of your customer’s choice and preferences and the way they search a business or product. One way to do is by reaching out to your customers and talking to them about their purchase journey and the way they searched for a particular product. This data can be used to strategize your next move.

Optimised content with high-quality:

It has always been agreed to by everyone that, in the whole process of doing the Search Engine Optimization and implementing various strategies, “content” plays a pretty vital role. To succeed in the SEO strategy and implementation in 2020, you must always have a right focus on what to write in your content. Everything you write must be valuable and relevant to your subject matter. While you want to publish a new blog or make your customers familiar about a new product or service of your business through an article, make sure you have the best content written for the topic that is going to be on web. This will also enable you to create a demand for your web content and build the site authority for you. For having a well-written content on the topic, you must know the following:

o Your audience and their way of searching.

o Their intention behind a particular search or question they want answers for.

o Provide them with the required answers in the preferred format

o Continue this execution at every stage of the customer’s journey to keep them connected with you.


Google clarifies that in 2020 it will look into the reputation of a given company through its Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (EAT) through its credibility in the past. So, it is very important for you to have a good reputation in the eyes of Google. Companies having a poor reputation, trust issues or issues with the customer service may find it hard to compete in the 2020 SEO rankings. The trustworthiness is believed to be super important in 2020 for the publishers. It has also been observe that, content quality and fake news will be strongly focused on in the year 2020. You can achieve an advantage on the digitally-based competition through the following:

o Excellence in the supply chain

o Gaining customer satisfaction through appropriate customer service

o Branding your business digitally

o Keeping up with appropriate pricing

o Enhancing the user experience

• Making tests with Multilingual title tags:

You can use the title-tag split to reach out to more customers and viewers from the different countries. Since, not all the potential customers must be familiar with the English language or making their search in the English language, you may lag behind the competitors who are making use of multilingual tags and presenting them to the potential customers. To understand the nature of customers in every type of market, you need to execute a proper test with the title tags. 

Mobile SEO:

Did this get you surprised? Don’t be. Mobile SEO is going to be a really essential part of the 2020 SEO strategy. For the times to come, it is recommended to get your mobile sites fixed first than getting your sites fixed for the desktop. It has been observed that most of the mobile sites are a complete mess. But it is really important to understand that, with the increase in the use of compact devices, people are more prone to using the mobile devices for their searches. So, if your site is more mobile-friendly, you might be surprise to see the results in the amount of traffic that you can attain. It is to be given equal or comparatively more importance to build a mobile site perfectly before fixing the desktop site.


These are the very useful tips and tricks that can help you improve your business online presence in 2020 and in times to come. Not everyone is an expert in the SEO strategy making. If you want to get assisted in increasing your website’s reach to the potential customers, you must consider getting in touch with the leading digital marketing agency in Perthfor the best SEO services. that can enhance your business presence online. 


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