The tech involved in a live eSports event

The tech involved in a live eSports event

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when eSports truly exploded onto the scene. Nowadays, we have reached the level where event arenas, real-life and virtual are packed with millions of people following the best Counter-Strike or DOTA 2 players in the world. eSports has never been so popular,and the hosting of live events highlights how many followers it has garnered over time.

Many are attracted by eSports being more accessible to people all around the world. There is also a lot more to eSports than the gaming itself. The live events are analysed by pundits, streamed by various platforms, supported by online casinos that offer betting on individual games and battles. The markets at Cloudbet are an example of just how many matches could be happening simultaneously around the world.To satisfy all these followers, an incredible amount of tech and equipment is required to ensure that the event can be broadcasted to millions around the world, but there are a couple of aspects that are essential.


No shortage of power

First of all, the event itself has to run smoothly. There is an incredible amount of electrical powersupplied to an eventto ensure that generators, backup generators, gaming devices, monitors, additional screens, and all computer accessories are working to their optimal levels. For an average player at home, 500-550 Watt for a gaming PC would suffice. For professional gamers, this is ramped up somewhat.The gaming devices themselves are particularly powerful machines and need to have the adequate CPU (central processing unit), graphic cards and cooling systems built in to give players the sharpest tools and the followers the best action.


Safety first

A lot of emphasis gets placed on ample power being supplied to the event space for all the gaming devices and servers that have to operate to power the action. Another issue that tech can assist with is ensuring that there are no unwanted visitors in a digital form. Cyber security is a topic that has taken on increased significance due to increased online and digital activity and this is no different for an eSports event. Having the right firewalls or encryption in place as well as backup storage systems like the Cloud to recover anything that potentially gets lost or corrupted is essential.

A couple of essential points were raised to give a brief insight into what it takes to organise an eSports live event. Once you digest the actual gaming devices and the electrical energy required, there are also multiple cameras, broadcasting equipment and lighting involved to create the overall experience. It is only the beginning,but we are likely to see a lot more of these events coming up over the next years.

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