The Future Of CAD

The Future Of CAD

Computer aided design (CAD) has been around for a long time, and from the very first sketch pad designed and fabricated in the early 1960s, to some of the most forward-looking designed and innovative electric modes of transport and space travel, CAD has been essential to the overall design and manufacture of some of the age’s best creations. As technology changes, so too does the CAD software available, and it is worth knowing the trends in this regard.

CAD is a perfect example of how a career or specific job can be changed and evolves as does technology. Before the 1960s, no design or architectural firm was complete without a series of draftsmen at drawing boards with pencils. All design was manually done with pencil and pen using a variety of mathematical drawing tools to provide the preliminary designs or drawings.

In recent times, the digital drafting board has changed forever the manner in which design is done going forward, providing both opportunities and possibilities for improved design the likes of which we have never imagined before.

Beyond Gaming

The first CAD design programs were based on the US’ military radar technology and as this technology has developed, so too has it fed back into industry. Furthermore,game designing with CAD has been one of the main beneficiaries of CAD design, but has also been used as a development ground for CAD technologies to be used elsewhere such as building design, vehicle design and much, much more. The development of 3D CAD and the latest AI for CAD is arguably based on the needs of the gaming industry and the numerous worlds that have been designed and maintained have become the basis for more widely used and specific applications.

Driving games became the basis of automated/virtual driver training and the advances then made in the various industry applications were then also transferred back into the games industry. It is a symbiotic relationship.

Beyond Design

Today’s CAD design has moved beyond simple design or gaming applications. The software is now available for free or in the cloud, making access to it more widespread and thus allowing more chances for innovative development. The nature of current CAD design has moved along so far that even a trained designer may not be required to use and produce professional design work using the available software.

The next steps forward for CAD will be:

Artificial Intelligence:

This is the most innovative design technology to be developed for years and the ability of CAD software to predict or overcome design errors with machine learning is the way forward. It is likely that based on the complexity of design there will come a point when human input may not be needed for design. AI is a great growth point in the design sector and will make vast changes to the manner in which manufacturing occurs going forward.

Cloud Collaboration:

With the software based in the cloud it will be possible for international collaboration on the same designs.

Virtual Reality:

Headsets and VR glasses have now made it possible to test, walkthrough and sample the design spaces, layouts and sizes before the model is even made. This allows for more precise design.

CAD has changed significantly over the last 20 years to allow for some of the most innovative design ever seen. These changes will continue, and the more recent ones as mentioned herein have served to change the way design and CAD software will be used for the foreseeable future.


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