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best microphone for recording

It seems that Internet users are never bored to watch YouTube videos therefore it’s an excellent way of self-expression and promotion. At the same time the viewers became very choosy as far as quality is concerned. Poor audio is one of the problems of content creators, especially, when they use the built-in camera microphone. Such videos lose in fierce competition. This is the reason why the streamers, podcasters, lecturers, singers, musicians and YouTube journalists try solve the problem and enhance audio quality. If camera microphone does not work properly, one should purchase the best microphone for recording of videos that will add clarity and crispness to the voice. A beautiful voice of a speaker without background noise makes the audio pleasant to hear.

The choice of the best microphone for YouTube depends upon the type of video created. It can be the interview or the musical performance, the gaming stream or the podcast. The person can make video on the move or sitting in front of the mic in the treated room. Depending on the form, there can be clip-on lavaliers, shotguns, the models attached to the headset etc.  You can read more about microphone for making youtube videos here.

Some models of mics for youtube are rather expensive but the youtubers don’t mind paying because they know that even little enhancement brings more viewers and helps to achieve more popularity. It means that they will get higher payment. In this way, the content creators can regard these expenditures as profitable investment to career.

The microphones capture sound differently thus specializing on different directions. When you record the discussion of many people speaking then omnidirectional microphone should be used because it records sound in all directions. However, the person does not need such type of mic when making the podcast. In such case, the unidirectional mic will deliver the better quality because it captures the sound in front of the mic, removing the noise created in other parts of the room. 

That being said, the best microphone will be different in each particular case. This information will help you determine, which mic is best for you.


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