Settle Your PDF Needs: Best Features That You Will Get From PDFBear

Split PDF

Looking for the best PDF tool to assist you in your PDF needs? Set your worries behind because after reading this article, you'll realize how great a help PDFBear to you and everyone. Here are some of PDFBear's best features that you'll really love.

Split PDF

There is actually a lot of PDF file splitter that you can find on the internet right now. Unfortunately, those PDF file splitter or separator are not as good as PDFBear's Split PDF. If you're handling delicate information in your PDF files, then the efficient and safest way to go when trying to split your PDF file is with PDFBear's Split PDF.

PDFBear's Split PDF feature is the best tool that you can use to split different pages from your PDF files. If this is your first time knowing Split PDF of PDFBear, you don't need to worry. PDFBear's Split PDF is straightforward to use. Just go directly to Split PDF in PDFBear, and you can start selecting specific pages from your PDF file that you want to separate.

Using Split PDF, you only need to wait for a few minutes, and you're all good. It's fast, easy, reliable, and very secure. After completing the process, you'll also be given an option to download your PDF file back to your personal computer or save it to your Google Drive. Another thing, all your information will be removed in the system within an hour.

Delete Pages

There are many reasons you need to use PDFBear's Delete Pages. One of those reasons is that the Delete Pages of PDFBear is reliable and more comfortable to use than its competitors. Another good reason why Delete Pages of PDFBear is better is that it can run on different OS such as Linux, Windows, and Mac.

So if you need a specific tool to help you remove a particular page from your PDF file, then use PDFBer's Delete Pages. It's not just a very user-friendly tool. It's also very precise, and all of its output is of excellent quality. You can do all of these with a few clicks of a button in PDFBear, and you will be able to remove any pages from your PDF file without any problem.

Merge PDF

PDfBear's Merge PDF tool is a very fast merging tool that you'll definitely like using if you want to combine or merge some of your PDF files. The good thing about Merge PDF is that when you successfully completed the merging process, you'll be able to download your merged PDF files to your Google Drive, Disk, External Hard Drive, or to your Dropbox.

PDF Split and PDF Merge are just opposite to each other. Basically, if you want to remove something from your PDF file, then you can use Split PDF. On the other hand, if you add something or if you want to combine specific pages from your PDF file to a different PDF file, then Merge PDF is the one you should be using.

On how to use PDFBear's Merge PDF, you only need to follow these easy steps. First, go to PDFBear's site, and select Merge PDF from the "Organize PDF" category of PDFBear. Second, select the PDF file that you want to merge, then the PDFBear's Merge PDF will automatically merge your files or pages into one PDF file. Lastly, you just download your file with ease.

Compress PDF

PDFBear's Compress PDF is basically a tool that you can use to reduce a specific PDF file size. It will help you send all of your PDF files to your co-worker, schoolmate, or to your boss faster and easier. As you all know, when trying to send a large file, using your email can be difficult, and sometimes there are some chances that it won't work at all.


Trying to find a reliable PDF tool is difficult if you don't know how these things work. PDFBear has been providing the best quality and reliability to everyone. So, don't waste your precious time and energy searching for other PDF tools; PDFBear will easily take care of every task that you throw at it.

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