Solar Panel Installation: Follow Step-by-step Guide For Easy Installation

Solar Panel Installation

Many countries have installed solar panels after knowing their significance and a range of benefits. Ireland is one of those countries which is also contributing to installing solar electric panels extensively. More than a million homeowners have already done solar panel installations and many more homeowners and professional organizations are considering installing solar systems for a number of reasons.

If you’re in the market for solar panel installation, you probably get confused about where to install the reliable and qualitative solar panel system or even how to install a solar electric system and what actually happens during the installation. Don’t worry. The time has come to end your queries and answer them in a precise manner. 

Welcome to Renewable Electrical, a one-stop solution for every sort of solar panel service, installation and to find answers to your queries. We’re a leading solar panel service provider all over Ireland at reasonable prices. With the only focus to save money on rising electric bills and help the government in green & pollution-free Ireland, we offer a set of comprehensive solar panel services. In order to meet customers' demand and quality concerns, we offer SEAI grant certified solar panels with completion on high standard installations. 

For the best solar panel installation, we follow an agile process. Here is a simple five-step guide for the typical solar panel installation process.   

Get Installation Done In Five Simple Steps

There are five major steps that are followed by our certified engineers to install solar panels at your place. 

1. Site Visit

2. Permits & Documentation

3. Ordering Equipment

4. Solar Panel Installation

5. Approval & Interconnection 

It is always good to follow a step-by-step guide when it comes to installing a huge system. And installing a solar panel system doesn’t happen overnight- there is a precise process that needs to be followed to get your panels ready to begin powering your home. Let’s start with the guide. 

1. Engineer Site Visit

After you sign your solar electric contract, one of our professional engineers will come to your property to evaluate the electrical status of your building and ensure everything is compatible with your new energy system. Engineer site visit plays an important role in solar panel installation. In this visit, engineers will evaluate various things regarding the installation of solar panels like system size, roof type, angle of roof, shading, etc. When he finds everything is matching the requirement, he will go for the second step.

2. Permits & Documentation

Like any big financial decision, solar panel installation involves lots of paperwork. In order to get a solar panel installed, you need to fill in paperwork like building permits, clear space surrounding the solar panels, restrictions, and requirements, etc that can help to figure out the permits you need. However, the time frame for this step is mainly dependent on how much time your installer takes to finish and submit the process. Our engineers are agile in completing the process of your paperwork. 

3. Collecting Equipment

Once you’ve done sightseeing and paperwork, our installer will be ready to order and collect equipment. Our experienced professionals will consider a renowned brand for the accessories required. Durability, efficiency, and aesthetics are the primary factors to be considered for solar panel accessories. When you choose Renewable Electrical for solar electric services, means you’re eligible to access the complete solution, from solar panel system to its accessories and solar panel installation to maintenance. You can also apply for an SEAI grant at our center. 

4. Solar Panels Installation

Solar panels installation is the most critical step of the installation process. Setting up the entire solar panel is also a step-by-step process. It will start by preparing your roof and ensuring the shingles or tiles are properly attached and followed by putting the electric wiring to connect the electrical panels and general power system. After the electric wiring is complete, installers will install racking to support your panels. Once the racking is safely attached, the panels are placed onto the racking. Finally, your inverters are connected to the panels to convert Direct Current (DC) into the Alternating Current (AC) energy used in homes and on the electric grid. 

The timeframe for the installation completely depends on the size of the system. You should hire Renewable Electricals to install your solar panels system in a quick turnaround time. 

5. Approval & Interconnection

Once the installation is done successfully, it's time to connect your solar panels to the electric grid. But before you connect, your system will be inspected and need approval from your town government. During the inspection, the representative will essentially be double-checking your installation work. After the inspection, you’ll be ready for official interconnection. We are a blend of highly-talented professionals and possible services to provide comprehensive solutions to customers.  

If you’re tired of paying electric bills, get solar panels installations now. Choose Renewable Electricals for safe, cost-effective, and SEAI grant approved solar panels. 

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