Smartproxy Review

Smartproxy Review

Smartproxy has anchored its name among the top three players in the proxy market in a short stretch of time. Starting back in 2018, it has an extensive pool of 40 million+ IPs from different parts of the world. Tech publications like Techradar acclaimed Smartproxy for its award-winning customer service and high efficiency. This prominent proxy provider delivers residential proxies, datacenter proxies, dedicated datacenter proxies and SERP scraping API. Moreover, it also provides its users with different free tools and extensions intended for proxies. Here are some amazing traits that Smartproxy includes. 

Exceptional features of Smartproxy

  • Smartproxy has enlarged its customer base by more than 10000 customers in the last 12 months. 

  • It enables its users to access IPs in more than 195 countries with city and state level targeting at no cost. 

  • Quicker connect speed and optimum network performance through advanced proxy server technologies that are compatible with any device or browser. 

  • Easy-to-configure endpoints to access real IP addresses from all across the world. 

  • Its US datacenter proxies are close to the servers of all significant targets including Google and Amazon. 

  • It offers excellent speed and freedom through private datacenter proxies that allow users to have exclusive IP addresses. 

  • Provides Search Engine Proxies through an all-in-one search engine scraping API that includes a proxy network, web scraper and data parser. 

  • Offers free tools and extensions like browser extensions, Smart Scraper, proxy address generator and X Browser. 

  • Enables buying additional GBs and provides a 3-day-money-back option.


Flexibility to choose locations from all across the world  

With an outstanding geographic reach, Smartproxy provides users with IP addresses from any part of the earth. With precise location targeting, users can opt for using IP addresses from a specific location. 8 major cities and 50 states in the USA are listed in its proxy location index and users can choose to target them beside the available countries. 

Robust proxy network to perform multiple tasks  

Its premium residential and datacenter proxies completely anonymise the user by altering the IP address. Users are allowed to select a new IP address for each connection request to boost speed, scalability and success rate. Moreover, users can access geographically specified 
information and localised data. Be it automation of technological tests, data collection for business research or market analysis, Smartproxy’s robust proxy network makes them easy and hassle-free. 

Compatible with all major browsers, devices and tools  

Smartproxy supports all prominent operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android and Linux. Moreover, it is compatible with any tool that utilises user pass authentication and can be easily used with social media automation software, browser extensions, scrapers, crawlers and bots. 

Guaranteed success with Smartproxy’s SERP scraping API

This SERP scraping API allows users to target different search engines to get well-formatted data in HTML and JSON format. Coupled with Smart Scraper it enables users to gather data without coding skills. This combination saves you from excessive CAPTCHAs while monitoring search engine optimisation. 

Comes with a range of flexible offers 

Smartproxy provides a range of diverse offers and alternatives. Its monthly residential proxy package starts from $75+taxes and comes with 5GB of traffic. However, users can get extra traffic if they require it. On the other hand, it offers the best prices in the industry for enterprises and big corporations. For enterprises, it provides one GB of traffic for $4. Besides it, Smartproxy’s monthly datacenter packages are cost-efficient and start with $30+taxes for 50GB. Moreover, it comes with the flexibility to choose between shared datacenter proxies and dedicated datacenter proxies, and both packages are budget-friendly. 

Award-winning Customer service  

Whether you are a beginner or a pro-level user, Smartproxy is a perfect choice for both. With a world-class customer support facility, it ensures that the users can have an ultimately satisfying experience. From the start, clients get a Quick Start Guide and are allowed to access a multitude of configuration guides. The support executives remain active round the clock with live chat assistance for any sort of issue that occurs during the use. Apart from well-praised customer support service, Smartproxy maintains a balance between professionalism and fun. From serving big enterprises to a novice, it doesn’t alter its approach and lets everyone learn valuable tricks for the trade. 

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