Signs You May Be Dealing With A Nigerian Scammer


Everyone can get these letters, so it is important not to fall for the tricks of scammers. This is an extremely common type of fraud. The letters were named so because this type of fraud was especially widespread in Nigeria even before the Internet became available to anyone.

Everything is simple here. But due to unknown reasons, more and more people become their victims every year. In some circles, this is also known as “419” fraud where 419 is the number of the corresponding article in the Nigeria criminal code. The first Nigerian letters described the story of the Crown Prince of Nigeria, who received an inheritance of 100,500 dollars from a father killed in a coup and wanted to urgently transfer these funds abroad to a good person for good purposes until he himself was also killed.

As a rule, scammers ask the recipient of the letter of assistance in multi-million dollar money transactions, promising substantial shares. If the recipient agrees to participate, large sums of money are taken from him or her, supposedly to complete transactions, pay fees, bribes to officials, and fines. Nigerian letter doesn’t require the use of any special techniques. A specific victim is selected (they even resort to skinny girls online dating to charm them and deceive) or spam mailing of the same text to thousands of addresses is done.

Frauds are professionally organized: fraudsters have offices, a fax machine, their own sites, they often work in government organizations, and the recipient’s attempt to conduct an independent investigation doesn’t reveal contradictions in the legend. By the way, it is very difficult to find scammers who profit from Nigerian letters.

As a rule, out of 9000 people, at least one will be interested in it. People are motivated by greed. In the worst case, already at this stage, people will send their bank card number in a reply letter. When scammers feel that the victim has already interested enough, they agree on financial help and ask for money (for medical treatment/police bail/currency transfer insurance/opening a bank account). And then the victim is already hooked – if I give 1 dollar, I will get more.

General features of Nigerian letters:

1. In almost every case, there is a sense of urgency a force majeure circumstances are mentioned. In the subject line, they often write “urgently, very urgently”

2. Letters are sent by fax or e-mail.

3. Different references are used to various kinds of documents, print media, and legislative acts that are designed to arouse the trust of the victim.

4. The elitism of the proposed relations is emphasized in every way. That is why the offer comes from supposedly senior officials, widows of political leaders of various heirs, etc. Fraudsters present themselves to the recipient as high-ranking officials or representatives of a wealthy family who fell out of favor with the ruling regime.

5. The amounts of money in the letters almost always range from 10 million to 80 million US dollars. The recipient is asked to work for a large percentage – up to 30% of the total.

6. Some illegitimacy is emphasized. All this is necessary so that after a successful scam, the victim doesn’t run to complain to the police for fear of being caught in illegal operations.

7. Another indispensable attribute of this “game” is the guarantee that the victim doesn’t have to make much effort to fulfill the terms of the transaction. This condition is one of the most important since fans of easy money most often turn out to be the main victims. Who doesn’t want to give a couple of coins but then get a lot of money back?

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