Should I buy a Touchscreen Laptop

Should I buy a Touchscreen Laptop

When searching for a new laptop, you'll need to consider a lot of factors. Apart from the specs, like memory and hardware, you also have to consider whether you require a regular laptop, a gaming model or a touchscreen laptop. This touchscreen feature is normally available in the modern versions of two-in-one laptops as well as some non-convertible versions.

Just like other laptop features, touchscreens come with their own advantages and disadvantages. To make things easy for you, this article has compiled the major pros and cons and you'll have to do is see which one outweighs the other before making your choice.

Pros of a touchscreen laptop

1. Note-taking for class or work

Touchscreen laptops are ideal for taking notes in class or work (or any work or school task in general). This is because you will be able to write and draw lines and strokes on a touchscreen laptop – something that isn't possible on a non-touchscreen.

The most popular app for this is OneNote. With this app, you will be able to crop diagrams or graphs while making use of a touchscreen laptop. This will make manual note-taking more suitable for work or classes.

An additional accessory that makes the touchscreen more attractive is the stylus which improves strokes and other handwritten details. This is the major reason why it is ideal for students and working professionals.


2. Easy navigation

It is incredibly easier and faster to navigate with a touchscreen laptop because you will have more alternatives compared to devices that don't have touchscreens. There are lots of powerful touchscreen laptop options available, and has some of the best.

If you don't own a mouse or if your trackpad doesn't work anymore, you will be able to navigate with the touchscreen. Many of us are already familiar with navigation because of smartphones. This knowledge can definitely be transferred to your touchscreen laptop and it will make the transition almost non-existent.

A stylus, like that mentioned earlier, will also enhance the navigation process of the touchscreen laptop. It is a very competent alternative to your keyboard or mouse.


3. Easier interaction

A touchscreen display will make it simpler to interact with the laptop. One example of this is turning the laptop into a digital whiteboard. Non-touchscreen laptops certainly don't have this feature.

As for touchscreen laptops, you won't require an external device like a graphics tablet or drawing tablet to do this. All you have to do is draw straight onto the screen with a pen or even your finger. This will come in very handy for students and professionals that use whiteboard apps.

Cons of a touchscreen laptop

1. Screen maintenance

A very obvious issue for touchscreen laptops is that you will have to frequently clean the screen. When you constantly touch a display, your fingertips will leave oil, grime and dirt on the screen. There are coatings that can help to curb this problem, but they lead to reflections and glare on the screen. Smudges will make things worse — especially when you're outside or in a place with bright lights.


2. Battery life

A touchscreen display will draw more power since they will have to detect the input on the screen every time. Even though this power drain is small, the fact that it is consistent will end up reducing the running time of the touchscreen laptop.

This reduction in power differs from 5 percent to even 20 percent (which is dependent on the size of the battery and power drain from other components).


3. Cost

Due to the fact that the laptop will come with a touch panel, you should expect to spend more when purchasing it. A lot of manufacturers will take advantage of this by increasing the resolution of the touchscreen, which will end up affecting the price.

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