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According to market research by Emergence Research, medical industry software in the USA is one of the fastest-growing and largest sectors, which is to be USD 550 billion by 2027. This could be because the US spends twice more compared as other countries of the world due to higher costs for the treatments. Therefore, it can be easily assumed that the US deploys the best-in-class medical software in hospitals or medical institutions. 

Scroll down to learn about the top-ranking software used in the medical industry and how it has eased the work for the medical workers. 


1. Electronic Health Record Software (EHR)

With Electronic Health Record Software, it has now become very efficient to keep track of the patient's health records compared to the traditional ways of manually writing it or storing it. EHR is a broader term used for the software which collects information on the patients' medication, the treatment prescribed by their doctors, or the more advent, keeping track of their payments, invoices in the past or present. This is further divided into two categories - Electronic Patient Record and Electronic Medical Record. 

Companies including GE Healthcare, Cerner Corp., etc, are known to be among the top players of the USA's EHR software market.

2. Medical Diagnosis Software 

As the name itself suggests, this type of software is deployed by medical professionals who often with the help of AI, exchange the patients' information to generate their accurate diagnosis. It proved to be a very helpful medical software invention during the emergence of COVID-19 that helped to generate information regarding the health condition of the individual or how critical it was, through a mobile application. Notable player of the US market include Human Dx. 

3. RCM Software

Other than the tools for patients and clients, the medical market in the USA has also seen a boom in the Revenue Cycle Management services. RCM software is a one stop solution to efficiently manage the financials of the organisation. Moreover, the increased use of EHR software will only boost the adoption of RCM software. The key industry players in this category include AllScripts Healthcare, Oncospark, eClinicalWorks, etc.

4. Medical Imaging Software

Medical imaging software gives healthcare professionals the ease of handling and further process MRI, PET or CT scans.This is only expected to grow further with advanced 3D and 4D imaging technologies. The most prominent players of the market are companies such as Siemens, IBM corporation, GE Healthcare and others. 

5. Medical Billing Software 

The software is vastly used by medical billers to provide administrative services and to file medical claims which offer several benefits such as bills, monitoring invoices, and payments. The easy access to billing records and financials of the patients makes it the perfect hospital management software. As the demand for healthcare providers grows, the demand for this software shall grow as well. The notable industry game changers include Nextech Systems, Therabill, Kareo,etc. 

6. Medical Equipment Management Software 

The manual maintenance and stock taking can be a time-consuming process. The medical equipment management software ensures the smooth functioning of medical equipments with features such as automatic scheduling of maintainance and inventory of the available equipments. Companies such as Medtronic, Althea Group, etc., are among the key market players in the USA.

7. Appointment Booking Software.

Tired of waiting in the queue to see the doctor? Well, not anymore!

Ever since the introduction of the appointment scheduling or booking software, it has become easy for both patients and the medical institution for managing the appointment, digitally. Most recently, with the Covid situation, the diagnosis is being provided online that prevents the patient to travel. Such technology could further advance with the advent of AI and automation. Appointment Plus is one emerging appointment booking software with features such as integrated payment processing, calendar integration and others which has been widely appreciated by the medical industry. 

8. Electronic Prescription Software

The digital prescription has been a life saver for health professionals and in an indirect way, a boon for the environment. The software enables the medical workers to keep track of the medical prescriptions of their patients coupled with features such as renewing or canceling the prescriptions. Key players- ScriptSure, MediTab, etc.

The Way Forward- H2

There are numerous medical industry software as there are hospitals, clinics, or medical institutions. When the demand for these medical institutions or professional increases, so shall the need of these softwares increase with more advanced Integration of AI, automation, robotics and industry 4.0. 

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