MacBook Freezes, What To Do?

MacBook Freezes

There is nothing more frustrating than using a Mac that is unable to boot up from time to time. When the MacBook fails to start up from the very beginning, for example, it freezes at the login screen or the Applelogo, or it shows a completely black or white screen, you may be anxiously trying to find out how to solve MacBook not turning on. One possible way for this issue is to force restart the MacBook.This post will introduce how to force restart a MacBook and how to avoid freezing your computer. 

How to Force Restart a MacBook?

When you encounter a scenario where your MacBook screen freezes out, panicking will only make the situation worse. It not only clouds your judgment but also slows down with the right decision.

Depending on your current trouble, the first thing you need to ensure is to reactivate your Mac. 

When your system fails to turn on, press the Command + Control + Power Button (Touch ID).

Release the button when the screen shutdown itself.

Wait while the system restarts itself.

However, if you are using an iMac, there should be a power button located on the back of the computer. 

Hold the power button.

Release after the screen goes black.

Wait for the PC to restart itself.


How to Avoid Freezing Your MacBook?

Before completely turning off itself, MacBook warns the user with several signs. For example, when your MacBook is about to fail to turn on, it may show a completely black or white screen, or stuck at the login screen, or can’t pass the Applelogo. You must identify these warning signs and take immediate action to save your MacBook from not booting up.

1. Force Quit Unresponsive Apps

The first to see when your MacBook is slowing down or has started being sluggish with its operation are the software applications running in the background. You might find that some of the programs have frozen in the background process and are restricting your system from functioning effectively.

If your applications are frozen, simply quitting will not get the job done; you must force shut down every application that has been frozen.

2. Boot Up in Safe Mode

When you identify the signals for the freezing of the system, booting your system in the safe mode is the best way to precipitate the problems. In addition, safe mode verifies the integrity of the start-up disk and disables certain software applications that are not necessary for your system.

Turn off your system.

Turn on your system while holding the SHIFT key.

Release the key when the screen lights up.

The system will run a safe mode boot up.

Safe mode will find the errors and resolve them before it completely boots ups.

3. Run Apple Diagnostics Tests

Even after the safe mode boot freezing of the system continues, there could be some problems with the hardware. Hardware problems can be identified with the help of the Apple Diagnostics tests.

Disconnect any peripheral that is not a keyboard, mouse, display, and ethernet.

Turn off your system.

Turn on your system and immediately press the D key with the first light on the screen.

Keep holding the D key.

Choose the language.

And wait until the diagnostic test is completed.


If the test finds any issues with your hardware, it will list down the problem with potential solutions.

Take Away

That’s about it. We hope that this article has been helpful and the solution we have mentioned above was effective in your case. We have also listed down a few best practices that will help you avoid any future MacBook freezes.

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