Kicksta and Gramto are both popular choices as Instagram automation tools that can help you gain a wider reach on Instagram. Combined with the right amount of investments in the best sites to get Instagram followers you can be unstoppable in the quest for popularity. Sure, it is difficult to create content and plan your Instagram page at the same time, and this doesn’t even cover the engagement part. You might be wondering, how do the pros do it? They use external software to help them out because it is simply impossible to do all of this for one person. By taking the aid of such credible software you are planning and ensuring that your business makes it big on social media.

We want you to make the best choice for yourself, which is why we have compiled the features of both these tools so that you can compare them in one place easily. You can also visit their websites for more details about pricing and plans. 



Kicksta is a famous site for Instagram automation and is an AI-powered software. It was created to make it easier for the users to gain notoriety on a site like Instagram where the competition keeps getting tougher with each passing day. They work on gaining more visibility for your brand and do so by liking the posts of other popular profiles. This exposes your profile to many people and they might be tempted to check out your content if you are in the same niche. You get genuine engagement from the strategies applied by Kicksta.


Kicksta employs a method that generates more brand awareness. It starts by liking the posts of similar accounts that are already people, to entice the audience there into becoming your followers. Then by engaging with these people via DMs, they get them to become loyal followers and also turn them into customers of your products and services. They also have the feature to track the performance of every post and every follower, so you get an in-depth analysis of your Instagram profile. 


Kicksta has a comprehensive list of analytics through which you can track the performance of your profile. You also get to work with a lot of additional info about your profile you wouldn’t have known otherwise and you see how they impact your engagement rates. They have detailed graphs about each website and give you more than enough information to run your Instagram profile. They also engage with your audience and provide targeting services that can improve your numbers.

Customer Support:

They have a strong team for customer service that is available 24/7 for all. In case you cannot get in touch with them due to any reason, you can always communicate via live chat or email, which are the two other options offered by them. They ensure that their clients get the service of the best quality, which is why they also have a dedicated FAQ section to resolve common queries.



Gramto is another automation tool that helps you manage your tasks better and more efficiently. It can help you get a wider reach on Instagram with its work, which has earned a lot of praise from many clients. They have a ton of features with each plan, you certainly won’t be disappointed if you go with their services. 


You can schedule your posts with the help of this tool. You can work together with a team and share an updated content calendar so that everyone is on the same page. They also have detailed statistics through which you can track the growth rate of your account. You can also save the different drafts of your posts and compare them on their website. You also get to use hashtags and location tags that can get you a wider reach on Instagram.


You get the feature to view the stories of other users so that they are exposed to your business and would want to check it out. By engaging with users through liking posts and via DMs they ensure that you get authentic followers who are interested in your brand and will listen to what you have to say. 

Customer Support:

Gramto has a good team for communicating with their clients and resolving any issues that might arise. Their customer support team can be reached by a call or through emails. 


Yes, it is tough to keep up with the social media users who are proficient in keeping up with the algorithm. But with sites like these, you can match their energy even if you are only planning the content. These tools will take care of the posting and engagement work for you so that you can take a break from social media. Their analytics are noteworthy as they record everything even in your absence. You won’t be left with any unanswered questions and instead, know more about the workings of your profile. 

You will obtain a wider reach on Instagram when you invest with the best sites to get Instagram followers and tools that can automate your social media profiles. You save a lot of time and can chase proper leads that can drive in more people to your account. We hope that you take advantage of these tools at once and do so without making any more delays.

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