Kicksta Review: Is It Good For Instagram Growth?

Kicksta Review

Handing your Instagram account by yourself might be a task that requires too much time, effort, and leads to exhaustion. Focusing on the growth on your page may lead to the formation of a toxic relationship between you and your social media account, and being overly invested in the increase in the number of followers that you have will lead to burnout. 

However, if you consider using third-party tools in order to help build your page, it may lead to you being able to relax more and focus on creating top-notch content instead of worrying about your growth. This will grant you much more time to create content that engages your followers in a more holistic manner and allow you to flourish creatively. 

While a lot of third-party tools will promise you a number of followers for a price, these violate Instagram’s community guidelines and will not lead to a growth in your real followers and audience hence almost rendering this service redundant. Thus buying Instagram followers may not be the best possible charted course of action for you, if you are fixated on growing your actual following and gain an audience from the site. Kicksta however, will help you in order to do so and helps you to get real Instagram likes

Here we answer a few questions that may come to your mind when you consider using Kicksta as your social media tool to market yourself.

1] How does Kicksta help you grow on Instagram?

When you log into Instagram while using Kicksta, it will ask you to provide certain data to help it function to your benefit. Kicksta will request information for its ‘Targets’. This will be certain specific demographics of who your target audience is. This will be particular to other Instagram users, certain hashtags, and locations. This will help them track accounts using these hashtags and locations and the followers of the Instagram users you have filled in, and similar users to the ones you have entered. 

Following this data provided, Kicksta will locate these accounts and like one or two of the pictures on this account. The user will receive the notification that you have liked the post. This should intrigue the user who will click on your username to see your account. Based on this, the user will then follow you if they deem your account interesting or not do so. Thus Kicksta provides an organic approach to your increase in followers. 

This format additionally does not violate any of Instagram’s community guidelines as you are not having a direct gain in followers or spamming accounts with direct messages. Rather you are using a grassroots level approach to gaining your followers and will only be able to do so if you have creative content. 

The only automatized process in this would be the liking of pictures. Thus when Instagram has a periodic deletion of bot accounts, your followers will not be reduced.

2] What is the pricing plan of Kicksta?

Kicksta provides two possible plans for you to use. One is designed for an individual level and the other is designed for a more intensive approach to it. The first is called ‘The Creative’ which they brand as the plan to opt for if you are involved in your Instagram page and are technologically savvy. They provide ten kinds of targets for you to choose from. Using these they will like up to 1000 pictures a day on your behalf. They additionally provide smart filters and these eliminate any bot accounts. This plan is priced at $49 per month. 

The second plan provided by Kicksta is called the ‘Professional’ plan. This plan is branded as one that should appeal to companies or influencers who are serious about gaining followers on their Instagram pages. They provide up to 40 different targets for you to choose from and based on this they will like up to 1500 pictures a day. 

They will also provide hashtags, location, and gender targeting. This feature might provide useful if you have a niche audience that you would like to reach. This plan is priced at $99 per month.

3] Our Evaluation

While priced quite high, this may prove to be an expensive alternative to grow your Instagram page as compared to the methods that could be a more organic manner of building your page. However, when faced with other third-party alternatives that help you build your Instagram page, this may prove to be the best option for you, as it does not violate any of the guidelines provided by Instagram.

Using its method of liking pictures provides you with a grassroots-level movement towards gaining followers for your page. The question that might arise is that does the high pricing of this tool justified the service that it provides? The answer will be very subjective as to what you are looking for on your Instagram page. This will be a much better alternative than buying bot followers thus not really reaching out to a newer audience and help to gain real views and followers.

Overall, the solution provided by Kicksta is unique and encourages new followers to look at your page. By providing them with targets you get to choose who you are reaching out to, and that too is a unique aspect of Kicksta. What might then be of consideration to you is the ethical dilemma that arises. 

While it does not outrightly violate any rules, it does take advantage of a loophole in the guidelines, and thus takes advantage of the grey area. However, the choice of technique you use to build your page is your choice. 

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