Top 4 Information Technology Trends You Need To Watch Out For In 2021

Information Technology trends

Are you ever blown out of the water by the pace of innovation happening within the technology industry? 

From the ingenuity seen in the creation of tech-supported gadgets like the dual arm desk monitor mount (with USB) in this week’s Aldi sales catalogue to more extraordinary inventions like the Boston Dynamic robots performing choreography. Staying abreast of what technology trends remain, evolve or become obsolete can get difficult, that’s why this list was written to help keep you informed.

1. Automation

The streamlining of business processes amounts to a reduction of business cost and the improvement of efficiency, and this is what the adoption of automation brings to any business. A fully automated business allows you a bird’s eye view of workflow which in turn facilitates a process where thoroughly informed decisions are made quicker and with the right kind of information. Automated processes mean lesser occurrence of the bottleneck experience which slows down the workflow and results in lower and less successful outputs. Businesses have come to understand how essential automation is and are increasingly cutting down on manual administrative processes and other management approaches that require intensive human supervision.

2. Robotics

The need for more dependence and innovation in robotics was made more apparent as a result of the pandemic. Think about using drones to deliver medication and other necessities to remote areas when movement was significantly restricted. Robots were also instrumental in the ordering and organizing of Covid-19 supplies in multiple warehouses where hygiene and contamination was a serious concern. The International Federation of Robotics released a report to the effect that the interest and investments in robots have quadrupled post the pandemic where sales amounted to more than $17 billion and are projected to surpass $50 billion by 2023. Robots are becoming the solutions for businesses to figure out more autonomous logistical approaches to conducting services such as delivery, stockpiling etc.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) already rules our day to day lives, in 2021 its intensity may perhaps only be likened to more seamless integration. Tech companies will work on optimizing the way AI can collect and analyse data for the improvement of support and advancement of machines with human intelligence. Particularly in the 21st century, cybersecurity remains a huge challenge and it is possible already through the process of machine learning, that the combination of human endeavour and intelligent machines could help severely mitigate recorded cases of identity theft and online fraud. Identity verification processes with artificial intelligence solutions are still present as the best way to protect user identity in 2021.

4. 5G Proliferation

The impact of the 5th generation wireless technology is expected to be vast and long-lasting. Experts continue to remark that the proliferation of 5G is going to be significant for every industry and every facet of society. 5G brings along a levelled-up experience of the words - immersion and instant; instantaneous multiway connection, real-time collaboration and 4k streaming with no worries of buffering. For consumer experiences both at home and at the workplace, 5G presents a heightened virtual and contact experience in the areas of health, shopping, entertainment, gaming and more. There is a lot to love and to look forward to with the proliferation of 5G, especially in collaboration with other technological advancements with respect to augmented reality, virtual reality, cloud computing and more.

These four information technology trends barely scratch the surface of the extent of the innovation occurring in the tech space, however, they provide a good indication of where we are currently as a world and how technology is continuously being explored in moving us forward. 


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