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During the disruption of COVID-19 on supply lines and future release dates of phones, many consumers were understandably disappointed in the time it took to get their new iPhone 14 the past year. And very likely due to the circumstances, or just the way iPhone comes up with new ideas, there were plenty of consumers who weren’t all that impressed by the new features that the iPhone 14 had to offer. 

The dynamic island was pretty much the best feature that Apple launched on the new phones, and it wasn’t available to all models, causing an upgrade from an iPhone 12 or 13 to not feel that substantial. However, because Apple release timelines are back on track this year for the iPhone 15, avid Apple consumers are anticipating a much better iPhone, and rumors and stats are beginning to pick up the closer we get to the release date. Without COVID disruptions and fewer supply chain problems, the iPhone 15 is reportedly going to be a much better purchase for those looking to upgrade. The new specs, features, software updates, and rumors are significantly more interesting than the previous iPhone 14, and the drastic changes are likely to make the iPhone 15 one of the more sought-after versions to date.

Specs and Stats

The iPhone 15 is going to see significant boosts in stats, chip technology, and speed processing with the latest hardware and software. The iPhone 15 will benefit from new 3nm chips which will cause a boost in phone performance of up to 15 percent and decrease unnecessary battery usage by 35 percent. Individuals who spend significant time on their phones playing games just for fun or video poker for money, know how important this improvement is. The new specs and 8GB of RAM will satisfy new iPhone 15 users.

Avid Apple fans are excitedly anticipating a release date in September, and many have already signed up to exchange their current iPhones for the new models. Among all the new rumored features such as the removal of physical buttons, increased battery power, and chip technology, the iPhone 15 is certain to overshadow the former disappointments that some Apple users experienced with the iPhone 14. iPhone consumers have been waiting for quite some time for an upgrade that doesn’t just look and act like the previous model but isn’t as inconsistent as Samsung smartphones. Compared to previous years, features like the dynamic island for all versions will give iPhone 15 users the feeling of getting a new phone. 

The iPhone 15s will also officially move to use USB-C cables for the first time, which is a significant shift from the lightning cables iPhones are known for. Apple probably wouldn’t have made the change on its own, but the dramatic shift was motivated by the EU pushing the smartphone company to an ultimatum. To sell iPhones in European countries, Apple will be transitioning the iPhone 15 and future smartphones to a USB-C model. This change may be a good thing in the long term, as getting all the extra lightning cables and gear when phone users decide to switch platforms can be a little bit of a nuisance. It’s a small factor when deciding to make the switch, but sometimes just changing the little things can make that change just a little bit easier.

More Rumors of New Features

Compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 15 is rumored to have many more interesting features that may or may not be implemented before the smartphone's release. Out of the more fascinating leaks is the suspicion that Apple may remove most or all of the physical buttons on the iPhone 15, and instead opt for touchscreen buttons on the sides for power and volume. This would be a monumental change to the way that iPhones work and feel. 

Apple under the guidance of Steve Jobs was always famous for the ‘feel’ of the iPhone. And as most Apple consumers know, he once recalled the original iPhone before the official launch because of how the lightning charger sounded when plugged in. For a smartphone company that gives an incredible amount of time and consideration to simple things like how the iPhone lightning port sounds, the replacement of physical buttons would be a historical shift into a new kind of iPhone. The iPhone 15 is also rumored to place the dynamic island in each version of the new smartphone, which will allow every new iPhone to experience the new feature not just those who choose to purchase the Pro models. 

For all Apple users looking for that next step up, purchasing the iPhone 15 this year will be an excellent investment, and is sure to transition Apple into a new era of iPhones this decade.

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