Top 5 Websites To Identify Unknown Numbers With Phone Lookup

Identify Unknown Numbers With Phone Lookup

Back in the day, if you wanted to identify numbers or get the one you want to call, there were only two places to go - either in your phone or the public directory in your area code. Now, the era of tiny SIM Cards and smartphones is facing a new and easy solution when you want to identify unknown numbers.
We are referring to the phone number lookup sites on the internet. If you want to identify an unknown caller or a newly saved number, just type a few things on the browser and the phone lookup sites will appear.

The question is, what will you pick from the numerous results? That is where this handy reverse lookup article comes into play. We will tell you more about sites that bring you factual data here. That way, you will know what to select to give you recommendable results.

CocoFinder Reverse Phone Lookup Tool

CocoFinder tops the list as the phone lookup site you need when you need a quick answer on who owns the phone number. To get it, all you need is to type the words CocoFinder on your browser search bar.

That tells you that it's purely web-based, and you can use any internet-enabled device to reach it. The unknown phone numbers belong to someone, and that is what CocoFinder reveals.




On the lookup page, the site needs you to enter the number, and that’s it. So, it functions just like your favorite search engine. Later, it will take a minute or two for CocoFinder to peruse from the vast database it depends on and bring out the results.

CocoFinder will get you the name behind the number, the addresses, the email, alternative phone numbers, criminal records, and social media profiles. It’s possible to download the information later.

With that, let’s see how you can use the website to your advantage.

What is the Use of the CocoFinder Phone Lookup?

Background Checking

The number is already suspicious. That is why you need to find who owns it. Since you will get the name, the website will help you dig more into the person once you perform a background check. Furthermore, the number lookup will already reveal some details.

Missed Calls Identity

At times, you get a missed call from the numbers. A phone lookup will help you know who the mystery caller is. If it’s someone you know or don’t, you can take the necessary steps after that.

Finding Of the Lost Ones

Do you have an old number belonging to an old friend? The phone number lookup can help you find out their new contacts. You will also know what the friend or acquaintance is up to as life progresses.


Keeping our family and friends safe is a top priority. That is why we need the phone lookup whenever we make new friends or meet people. Checking on them ensures that they are safe and not engaging in harmful activities or relationships.

Getting Location

A phone lookup service via CocoFinder will also give you an idea of where the individual lives. If you only have the number and you would like to verify the location, that is where the reverse phone lookup comes to the rescue.

How to Perform a Reverse Phone Number Lookup Using CocoFinder

Step 1: Once you get to the CocoFinder website, click on the ‘Phone Lookup’ link at the top navigation. Enter the unknown phone number in the input part provided, and then hit the Start Search button.

Step 2: It will take a few minutes for CocoFinder to get the results. Once you see them, find a matching name and profile of the person. You can later use the name to find out more about the individual using the background check.

Note: CocoFinder links to public records on the internet and digital footprints. That is how it collects an extensive database of information in 50 states in the US. It uses next-gen technology and speedy servers to give you fast results.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is another lookup site that you can use to give you comprehensive information about an unknown number. All you need is the number, and that’s it. Searching for this platform will show you the names, social media profiles, the carrier, criminal records, and the location coordinates.

You can perform unlimited searches using this website, and everything remains confidential. Those you search about will not be notified in any way, and that’s how you would also like to keep it. Once you find the identity, you can research more about the person, but you have to deal with added costs.


You can also pay a number for identification purposes on TruthFinder. It’s web-based, and it also depends on an extensive database full of public records from the internet. Once you feed in the number, TruthFinder will show you the name, location, email, photos, and employment history.

Thanks to the ability to tap all the major platforms and networks, it’s known to provide extensive information. Other services you can depend on here are background checks and the people search.

With TruthFinder, you will always get your information, but the charges are pretty heavy.


This is another website that will offer you quality service when it’s time to know more about the new phone number. BeenVerified only needs you to connect to the internet and search via your browser. After that, you can feed the number and then wait to see what comes out.

The findings will include the first and last names, addresses, aliases, other phone numbers, joined social platforms, and close friends and relatives. Once you get the name, it’s also possible to do a background check to find more.

The only issue with BeenVerified is that you will need to contact customer support if you need to end your subscription.


This is a popular application that you can use on your smartphone to identify unknown phone callers. All you need is to install TrueCaller on your phone and let it do the rest. It will tell you about the numbers whether they are in your phonebook or not.

You can also use its website to search for the numbers, but you will need to sign up or sign in to get the results. With TrueCaller, you can also block the callers if you don’t need to call ever again.

The limitation here is that the information is not everything you may be looking for. That calls for a search on the name to find out more.


Unknown phone calls are always disturbing, but they shouldn’t anymore if you have the five solutions above. For extensive information that you can also get quickly, there is CocoFinder to come to your aid.

It also has other features that will help you find out more about the mystery caller. Next time you get a call from an unspecified number, you have a better solution than panicking and worrying who they could be. 


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