Ultimate Guide: How To Spy On Your Spouse With pcTattletale


Even after leading a happy life with you, your spouse might get indulged in an affair with someone they just found on the internet. All thanks to the social media platforms which have made it so much easy to meet new people.

Maybe all of this is just your misconception about them because you notice them spending a long time talking or chatting on their phone.

But, till the time you don't get to know the truth, it's the only thing that's going to twirl around in your mind all day long.

Knowing the truth is easy. All you need is the best spy app for cheating spouse that can expose everything going on in their phone and in their life.

And when it comes to phone tracking, there's hardly any app that can beat pcTattletale.

How To Spy On Spouse With pcTattletale?

pcTattletale is an app that you will not find on Play Store or App Store. It's a totally different type of app and it's hard to set up and install it.
But that's what we do, helping people set up and use pcTattletale and spy on cell phones.

Setting Up pcTattletale On Your Device

You have to create an account on pcTattletale first in order to spy on your spouse's phone.

1. Open any browser on your device and open the official website of pcTattletale. On the home page, you will see the pricing plans of pcTattletale and you have to select any one of them using the Buy Now option.




2. Now you have to create a free pcTattletale account. This will require an email account and setting up a password.


3. Make a payment now. Once the payment is done, you have successfully created your pcTattletale account.


4. You have to add the device that you want to monitor. Simply click on Add A Device option.


5. As we are monitoring an Android device, we are choosing the Android option. You can choose the one that the target person owns.

6. Now you have to make a choice as to how you want to install the app. We would suggest going for Install Without Computer option.


All the setup on your device is complete and now you will see a unique app downloading link appearing on the screen. Keep this link safely as it's going to be used for downloading the pcTattletale app on the target phone.

Setup On Spouse's Phone

For installing pcTattletale successfully, you have to take the cell phone of your spouse handy. But it won't take more than 10 minutes.

1. Using any browser on the target phone, open the unique app downloading link that appeared on your screen at last.

2. After the app is downloaded, it's time to INSTALL it.


3. Give permission to the app to use the mobile data by tapping on Allow.


4. For the successful working of the app, certain permissions need to be given. These include permission to access notifications and accessibility permission.

5. For recording the screen of the target phone, you have to give permission to record the screen by tapping on Allow.



6. For a continuous monitoring experience, you have to let the app work in the background by ignoring the battery optimization.



7. At last, click on the START RECORDING option to complete the installation of the app.

Features Of pcTattletale

Live Viewing

You suspect your lover of having an affair or you might have some other reason why you want to monitor their phone.

Whatever be the case, it's possible to do so with the Live Viewing feature of the app.

Once you click on the LIVE option, in a few seconds you will start to see the phone screen of your lover remotely on your device.


The live recording is only going to be a few seconds late than what's actually going on. So you will always feel like you are tracking everything in real-time.

But you might not like the working of the Live Viewing feature in case they are watching a video. In the case of a video, your screen will be stuck at a particular frame and it won't move at all.

And if something is being searched in the incognito window, in that case, you will simply see a black screen.

Keeping these two drawbacks aside, this feature works perfectly.

Recorded Videos


You won't be able to stick to your computer screen just for watching their phone activities. But you might not feel like going somewhere just due to the reason that you don't miss something important.

But pcTattletale records the screen for you when you are offline. Once you are back, watch the video whenever you want to.
You can watch videos for other previous days as well.

Location Tracking

Not just chatting on the phone but your husband/wife might also be going on a date with their new lover. Why not track their location and reveal the truth?
You can track their current location 24/7 in the satellite mode and also in the map mode.

Click Activity


Although Click Activity is more of a kid monitoring feature you find it useful.

With this feature, you can know about the number of clicks that your spouse made on their phone every hour.

Pricing Of pcTattletale

Compared to other spy apps, you might find pcTattletale a bit expensive. But that said, you will not find features like live viewing and recorded videos in any other spy apps. And that's what makes this app quite special.

pcTattletale has 3 different plans, FAMILY, FAMILY PLUS, AND BUSINESS.

The FAMILY plan is available for $99 with a storage capacity of 7 days. FAMILY PLUS plan can be purchased by paying $147 and it has a storage capacity of 30 days. The BUSINESS plan is available for $297 with a storage capacity of 365 days.

All three plans can monitor 3 devices at the same time.

Why pcTattletale Is The Best Option?

As you suspect your lover of having an affair, you can't take risk of missing something important. That's why you need something that works just perfectly.
pcTattletale has amazing features like Live Viewing and Recorded Videos that you won't find in other apps. And most importantly, all the features of the app work flawlessly keeping just a few drawbacks aside.


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