How To Monitor Someone’s Facebook Account?

Monitor Someone’s Facebook Account

The use of Facebook has become a part of the lifestyle for people across the world. It’s the largest social media platform having 2.6 billion monthly users. 

Imagine you know the secret to sort out someone's Facebook password? Won't it be cool?

There are diverse applications and sites from where knowing strategies for hacking is beautiful simple work. However, these applications or sites have their pros and cons because of which at times may not give wanted outcomes. Besides, while hacking you likewise need to guarantee, that you go for a product or application that is dependable. You may also have to download a software name keylogger as it is an important feature. This guide will help you to know the best apps to monitor someone's Facebook account.

Apps to monitor someone’s Facebook account:


This is the best Android and iOS device tracking app that can spy on almost all devices. The best part is this app comes with its in-build key logger in the dashboard.

Features of mSpy:

Besides tracking the social media apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, Viber, etc, this app lets you access other important features like calls, messages, and other websites the user is using. 

An amazing feature that makes it a better choice is it allows you to post on Facebook on behalf of the user. 

Taking screenshots of activities from the target phone is another exclusive feature that you cannot avoid. 

You can even monitor the correct location of the target phone with the help of a GPS tracking feature.

You also get alerted when the target phone crosses the area you have mentioned through Geofencing, 

Remote controlling makes it easier to track the target phone even when your phone is not with you.


Talking about this set up, this app is quite easy to install.

How to start using mSpy?

It just requires an account, completing some registration process that requires confirmation containing login details. After login, go to the computer's control panel. There is a detailed guide that will guide you to install the software effectively on the target phone.


Another phone monitoring app that can help you to figure out anybody’s Facebook account.

Features of Spyic

1. Besides showing the Facebook credentials, it let you track the messages, visited pages, and other relevant information.

2. You can control a device from anywhere with the help of the remoting feature in the Spyic dashboard.

3. This app does not require any download. You just need a browser.

4. You can easily keep an eye on social media activities, chats, page visited, photos ned and receive, etc. of the target phone.

5. You can even record the calls, check calls made and received, call duration, caller identity, etc. by the target phone.

6. It is affordable.

How to install Spyic?

1. Signing up will take less than a minute.

2. Select the device type between iOS and Android.

3. Pricing plans will be displayed according to the target device. Select the plan.

4. You will receive a welcome email from Spyic. Click on ‘Start Monitoring’.

5. Write the name of the target user, age, and the operating system in the set-up process.


This is one of the best apps for Android devices having an advanced key regulation feature that helps in capturing passwords. It does not require jailbreaking.

Features of Spyzie

Along with providing Facebook credentials, it let you track location data, call records data, contacts, multimedia, messages, and a lot more.

The app can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

It let you take screenshots of activities from time to time.

Works well with almost all social media platforms.

How to install Spyzie?

Visit spyzie from the web browser of any device and get more info about that on site.

Select the subscription plan for android phones after the sign-up process. Spyzie setup page will appear. Give a name to the target phone.

Go to settings and security on the target device. Enable the "Install apps from unknown sources". Feature.

Go to Settings" > "Google" > "Security" > "Google Play Protect. Disable "Improve harmful app detection" and "Scan device for security threats".

Install the Spyzie app on the target phone. Read the privacy policy and click on ‘Agree’.

Sign in to Spyzie's account using a username and password.

Allow the [permission require on the target phone. Hide the icon and it will go into stealth mode and will run invisibility.

You are ready to go. You just need to visit Spyzie’s website and log into your Spyzie account. You will see a personalized dashboard. Click on any feature to use it.

Why you need these apps?

Increasing internet scams have arisen the need for spying apps. Child bullying, harassment, and other online scams force kids to take inappropriate steps that may lose their life. Not only for parents, but spy apps are also required to keep a check on your employee's screen. Also if you are suspicious about your spouse’s behavior, the spy app can clear all your doubts.

In short, if you are a parent, a manager, or a caring spouse and want to know what's going on in your kid’s, employees', or spouse’s life, a tracking app is what you need. You just need to choose the best app that suits your requirements and budget. Some apps are free and some are paid.

Hope this guide helps.


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