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How To Develop A Mobile App

How to create a mobile app? 

The most obvious answer is to ask the developers to write it according to the company’s needs. Though, you can try any other way, if you’ve been ever told.

You can also try to develop something using your resources. The beginning developer skills can be enough to make a simple iPhone or Android app.

Best Way To Build An App

There are also a lot of constructors of applications. They do not need the user to have programming skills. The result can be fully used for working with clients and even published in the application stores. But there are also pitfalls.

If the application you need is a simple one that will need only essential functions, then making it yourself can be simpler. There are a lot of templates you can use and mix however you want. Yet, in most cases, you will need to pay a monthly fine to keep your app working. Plus, the basic interface cannot be enough for the user's needs.

When working with the developer, the final result will be a completely individual solution. Plus, the developing team will note all the preferences and the corporate style.


                    A drawn picture of a man in a red shirt near the big phone

                      (A drawn picture of a man in a red shirt near the big phone)


Start Creating An App

What you need to create an application depends on what you want to end up with. To make an application, you need to determine the purpose and functionality of the future program. As well as the monetization option, if it is what you want. 

If you have decided to make it yourself, you have to find a good app constructor and work. You have to register and (if necessary) pay for a subscription. Choose a template and fill it with content. And also, personalize it by adding a photo, logo, etc.

After that, you need to test the finished solution and cut the errors. Only after that, you can upload the app to the stores.

If you have already decided what you want to get in the end, you can safely proceed to the budget.

When you are working with a developer, the price consists of:

  • the complexity of the solution;

  • deadlines;

  • developer experience and qualifications.


Making the applications can cost a lot. Check some savings accounts to keep the money for development safe. 

Having decided how to create a program, you can proceed to its phased implementation.

Process of Building An App

Let's see how the process of developing works step-by-step.


This brainstorming session is necessary before creating an application. At this stage, we gather information and try to find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the goal of developing an application?

  • Why does the consumer need it? 

  • On which platform the app needs to be worked (for IOS, Android, Windows)?


This stage aims to look at the future application from the user's point of view. Moreover, the main goal is to find “how to make a mobile application?" This has to be done precisely to enhance the user experience, which is a must.

If you want to work with the developer, you should try to find the answers before contacting the team.


The experimental stage of creating applications is development. After careful analysis in the previous step, you already imagine the necessary functions of the future product. 

There are thematic and general templates. For example, there is a special constructor for online stores, where every detail is already provided. If you are searching for a free template, you can easily find them online for all industries, ranging from travel, beauty, tech, etc. 

When working with a developer - this stage is wholly done by the team.

Launching and testing

Before the release of an application, you need to make sure that it functions correctly. 

During testing, it is important to check: 

  • the work of all functions;

  • app in all planned types of operating systems;

  • whether it can withstand increased user load;

  • Do frequent changes in speed or status also affect the performance of core capabilities?


There are some automated programs for testing applications. Yet, nothing replaces manual work. Ideally, someone who has not seen the interface and has not participated in its development should do this. 

If you decide to stick with the development team - this part is also done by them.

After you (or your developer) is sure that the app is ready to launch, you can upload it to the application stores. Yet, do not forget that maintaining an app’s work also requires time and skills. Never just forget about the application, and it will serve your business for a long time. 


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