If you have a creative mind and loves to bring innovation in existing products, or you want to transform your ideas into reality, 3D printing is what you need. 3D printing is increasingly becoming popular all over the world, and today many industrialists are taking advantage of it to enhance productivity. No matter from which trade you belong, 3D printing is taking over all the trades.  

When building models for 3D printing, the most important thing that matters is the design of an object and creality 3d provides those. Designing 3D models requires a lot of practice as the quality and accuracy of the output result are based on the quality of the 3D model design. 

Therefore, this article will prove to be a turning point in creating the 3D models, and after going through this article, you will see the improvement yourself in 3D designing. Let's directly get to the point and learn how we can correctly design the 3D models for printing. 

Designing 3DModels

- Type

Normally, the designs can be classified into two categories, the engineering design and the architectural design. We are talking about this because it is important to know your interest and requirements before starting to design a model. 

When talking about the engineering models, it needs to be precise and accurate as much as possible, and in the case of architectural models, it is your chance to show your creativity and prove your artistic abilities. 

- Measurements 

Once you know the type of model you are going to design, you need to work on its dimensions and other similar details. It mainly depends on the object you are designing, though the dimensions are significant and must be clear and accurate. This stage is important as the whole idea of designing a model is influenced by the readings you take here. A slight error in the measurement can result in a noticeable change in the overall design of a 3D model. 

- 3D Printing Software

One of the most important factor to consider when designing a 3D model for printing is the choice of 3D printing software. You can find a number of software available with different functions and features, and as a beginner, it might become confusing to choose the best software for you.

Mainly, the selection of the 3D software depends on the type of work you are going to do, and how much accuracy and performance you require. Each software has its own requirements and functionality. Below we are mentioning a few renowned 3D printing software for beginners to professional use respectively. 


Astro Print

3D Slash

Fusion 360



Mesh Lab

The software's, which are mentioned above, are readily available and are ranked at the top in terms of efficiency, reliability, and performance. You can choose any software you want as per your comfortability level. The more you know how to use the software, the better your design will be. Therefore, select the one which you know already or else which you finds easy to learn. 

- Designing

Here comes the stage of designing the model on your chosen software. Here we can only give you a generalized idea of how you can design the perfect 3D model for printing as each software has its own settings and user interface. However, there are certain things; if taken care of, we can design a flawless model.  

Designing mainly depends on the type of model you are going to build, the first thing first, open the sketch option and see where you need to start with. See if you need to build a square, rectangle, circle, holes or any other kind of shapes. 

Create the shape as required, and here you have successfully designed your model. Based on the software, there are different attributes and tools which you can use to design the models as per your choice; these tools must be learnt in order to design the model perfectly. 

There are software's that allows you to visualize your design while you are working on it, simulation and preview options help you in better observation and locating the errors. 

Attention to details is what needs the most at this time, and you should be very careful about it as a minor mistake can cause a considerable loss in terms of time, energy, and resources. 

- Export 

The minute you are done with the designing phase and you have rechecked it, by all means, now you need to create an STL file. Stl file is the format of the file which is required by the 3D printer to print the 3D model. It contains instructions, settings, and commands, which helps the 3D printer to build the 3D model. 

The 3Dmodel file is exported in STL format by selecting the file tab from the toolbar menu of the software interface. Click on "save as" option and in the file type section box, type ".stl" and proceed next. The interface may show the details of the model you have created, go through it, and you find it alright, then click on the OK button to save the file. 

If you have reached to this stage, you need a show of appreciation as you have successfully created the 3D model that is now ready to be printed. 

Send the file to the attached 3D printer and just watch your 3D model transformed into a physical shape. 


Designing 3D models is not a difficult task; however, the more you practice, the better result you will get. The above guideline will surely help you and if you follow the instructions, take care of the material guidelines, printing technology, and resolution, there is nothing that can stop you from designing the perfect 3D model for printing.    

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