5 Ways Technology Is Transforming Bicycling

5 Ways Technology Is Transforming Bicycling

A terrific bicycle is visible for the rider's safety and lighted so the rider can make safe choices. Additionally, riders need to know what's behind them while scanning for what's in front. A helmet that protects your brain while allowing communication is critical, and an electric boost for the tricky sections will keep you on the road. According to Alek Asaduryan, founder of bicycle blog YesCycling.com, these are the five most important ways technology is transforming bicycling. 

Integrated Lights

Ensuring that you are seen on the road is critical to your safety. Because your bike makes no noise, some drivers may not even realize they are traveling next to a bicycle until you shout a warning. With lights in a unique pattern, particularly one that includes color or blinking, your bike will make drivers realize there's something they need to pay attention to on the road ahead. 

The integrated lights offer riders the chance to enjoy a 360 array of front lights without a giant power-hog light attached to the bike's front. This angled LED array provides the rider a great view of the road ahead without blinding oncoming riders. Most integrated lights look amazing and perform even better than third-party hardware. 

Bike Radar

While you're busy watching for potholes, debris, and cross-traffic, your bike radar can tell you what's coming up behind you. You can install an app on your phone and get a visual heads-up of vehicles on your tail.

Additionally, some of the newest models include a red light to let cars know you're there, and this red light can be lowered in intensity to reduce eye stress for the other riders in your party. If you're the navigator in your party or on your tandem bike, this tool can significantly increase your safety and lower the risk of a dangerous wreck.

Cycling Apps

When it's time to plan your cycling route, having an app that can give you up-to-date information on nearby trails can save you some rough rides. While travel apps like Map.me offer users who don't have a data connection the necessary turn-by-turn directions, Bikemap also provides information about nearby bike shops, bathrooms, and ATMs. 

If you really want to hit the trail and head into some wilder country, Komoot can help you determine what recent weather patterns may have done to your intended ride. Both Strava and Komoot have phone apps that will allow you to connect to your mapping tools and find a path that gets on you on the best trail.

Smart Helmets

With the fitting smart helmet, you can take a phone call, use an intercom, and be seen. 

The most advanced smart helmets feature an intercom for talking with other riders in your group, which is a terrific tool for sight-seeing cyclists. Some smart helmets can also talk to fitness apps and even connects to FM radio. 

One of the most popular smart helmets, the Lumos Matrix has lights that grow brighter when you brake. With the remote in place on your handlebars, you'll also have turn signals. Press longer on this indicator, and your bike generates a warning sound for pedestrians. Finally, the whole front of the helmet is an LED headlight. If you use your bicycle for a daily driver, this helmet offers you terrific visibility and safety. 

Listen to music, check out a podcast, or have a phone conversation. Finally, there's a fall detection feature that can call for help if you take a tumble.

Small Mid-Drive Electric Motors

For those who haven't cycled in a while, adding a little help with an electric motor can be a lifesaver. If you already have a bicycle, a simple conversion kit can boost both your power and speed on the road.

Depending on your desire for speed, you can get a motor assist at 250W, 500W, 750W, and 1000W. Each comes with a rechargeable battery and a Bluetooth connection for easy adjustment. These adapters mount easily to the frame near the chain and sync up smoothly. Some kit adapters include a torque sensor for a smoother assist; you won't hear or feel loose linkage in your chain when the motor engages.

E-bikes are gaining in popularity among many demographics. For example, if you have a daily commute but need to cycle in your work clothes, your electric assist can help you stay cool. If you have weight problems that make it hard to increase your pedal pressure, a powerful e-bike can keep you on your cycle now and in the future. If you haven't ridden due to poor health, an e-bike assists motor can help you enjoy exercise again.

For many cyclists, a bicycle was their first step in independent travel. Adding one of the technological tools listed above can keep you on the trail feeling safer as you get out and see more of the world.

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