How Technology Can Improve Customer Service

How Technology Can Improve Customer Service

Customer service is more important than ever for small and mid-sized businesses. Due to the number of alternatives available in the world, companies have to go above and beyond with their approach to service. The quality of this aspect will either improve or degrade the loyalty a customer has for a business and its brand. 

If your business is quick to respond to customer inquiries and complaints, provides various platforms for communication, and takes steps to improve its service based on feedback, you can gain a significant competitive advantage. 

As a result, it is vital you have a strong understanding of new technology and how it can enhance your customer service. To give you a helping hand, the following guide will spotlight the technology your business should be using when communicating with customers. 


It’s an old-fashioned technology, admittedly, but don’t underestimate the power of email. In fact, it still remains one of the most effective methods to stay in touch with your customers. There are many reasons why this is the case, including: 

Everyone uses email

It is effective and easy to use

Cheap for businesses to utilize 

It’s versatile 


The versatility of email is a particular advantage. You can send out emails that feature everything from newsletters to adverts for new products. It’s also possible to go with personalized messages to enhance engagement with customers. It is not a one-way street, either. Customers also have the ability to send their own emails to your support team. They can get in touch about everything from new orders to complaints. 

When you factor in all of these points, it’s fair to say email is an essential element for every business communications platform. 

Web chat

Going from one of the oldest digital communication tools to one of the newest, web chat is growing significantly in prevalence – and for a good reason. This text-based chatting tool is perhaps the most convenient way for a customer to get in touch with a business. 

The reason for this is simple: customers can gain an answer to their questions within a matter of seconds. 

The webchat box, which typically appears on the bottom-right of a website, is conveniently placed for customers to begin communicating immediately. In addition, you can use chat triggers to automate chat messages, which can grab the attention of users with personalized communication based on how they have previously interacted with your site. 

An effective webchat implementation will include a combination of automation and representatives. Automation is ideal for providing answers to many common questions, along with ensuring your business is available to communicate on a 24-hour basis – even if a real person isn’t at the other end. As for utilizing representatives, they should be made available when more complex questions are sent in your direction. 

Social media

If you have a strong digital presence, then you will already be making use of social media to promote your brand and products. However, social media is more than just a promotional tool – it’s also an effective way to communicate with your customers

Ultimately, nearly all of your target audience will be utilizing social media in some way. They will also use their Facebook and Twitter accounts to get in touch with different businesses, particularly if they encounter a problem which they want to air publicly for leverage. As a result, you need to be available and ready to respond as soon as possible. 

While it can be annoying for a customer to complain in a public way on social media, you should also view it as a way for your business to be viewed in a positive light. This is the case if you handle the issue in a professional, considerate manner. When others see you deal with the issue that way, they’re likely to be more supportive of your business. 

The way you communicate can differ depending on the platform. On Facebook, for instance, customers are able to directly interact with your representatives. With Twitter, however, you could incorporate hashtags for customers to use as a way to catch your attention. Just make sure to promote the hashtag in your Twitter bio. 

Phone technology 

Phone technology has become a lot more modern in recent years. The basic function of communicating by phone is the same, of course, but there have been changes which are both beneficial for your business and the customer. 

For example, new callback technology means customers don’t have to sit around listening to elevator music on hold. You can simply call the customer back once one of your representatives is free to do so. This removes the potential for hang-ups while also enhancing your ability to chat with every customer. 

There’s also the ability to use automated menus as a way to supply answers to common customer questions. This technology can also be used to ensure a client gets in touch with the right individual in your organization. 

Video messaging

Video messaging takes it a step further than just standard phone calls. This allows for customers to see your representatives face-to-face, which can improve the interaction and allow you to build relationships quicker. 

Plus, with platforms like Skype and Zoom, you don’t even have to spend any money for your business to incorporate this technology. 

Data collection 

It’s not just about ways to communicate with customers. You can also utilize data research in an effort to gain a greater understanding of your audience. 

From website visitors to social media, the good news is there are various ways to collect valuable analytics and information about your customers. The type of insights you gain means you can be more effective in your communication efforts. 

With communication tools like contact forms, you are also able to gain key information – such as names and email addresses – directly from the consumer. Even with small pieces of data like this, you can go with a more personalized, effective approach with your communication. After all, a customer is more likely to take notice if an email headline directly mentions their name, for instance. 

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