5 Reasons To Choose A Gaming Router

Gaming Router

With all the gamer specific hardware out there, you may be asking yourself; do you need a gaming router? For most people the answer is no. However, if you're an avid gamer or you have many devices working on your Wi-Fi network simultaneously, a gaming router may be the right choice for you. Gaming routers have better features that cater to online gamers by making it easier for you to manage your network in a way that makes online gaming exactly the way game developers envisioned their games to be.
If you’re still on the fence whether or not you want to invest in a gaming router, here are the five reasons to choose a gaming router. From better processors to more quality of service features, gaming routers can create the optimal gaming environment with the help of a fast internet connection. Whether you’re using EarthLink, Verizon Fios, MetroNet, DISH Internet, or any other service, this list is for you! 

1. Multi-Band Wi-Fi

Gaming routers often go beyond the typical two band specs you'd expect from ordinary routers and now support up to three bands. What this means for users is your new tri-band router can handle nearly twice the bandwidth of a dual-band router. For homes with multiple devices connected to their network working hard simultaneously this is life changing! No more having to fight over bandwidth or restrict usage with a router like this.

2. A Better Processor & More RAM

Gaming routers have much more powerful processors and ram to handle more connections and decrease latency. They can also set and use more advanced quality of service features that can really fine tune device prioritization rules that best serve your household.

3. Quality Of Service Features

Quality of service or device prioritization features is becoming a more common feature on routers. However, with gaming routers, quality of service settings allows you to set much more granular settings that are simply not possible for ordinary routers. Ordinary routers don’t allow for such fine-tuned settings because it takes better hardware specs to support it that they simply are not built with.

4. MU-MIMO Technology

Not all routers have MU-MIMO technology, but they've been in gaming routers for a long time now. MU-MIMO technology is great because it helps your router juggle all the requests it sends and receives from all the devices connected to your network whether they are in use at the moment or not. This technology can really help decrease network congestion which is the number one complaint of multiple internet enabled device households.

5. Minimizes Packet Loss

Packet loss is when one or more packets of data that you’re sending or receiving don't reach their destination. This most commonly happens when a Wi-Fi network is overloaded, causing routers to drop data packets if they cannot process them in time.  Gaming routers are great because they minimize packet loss on their own. Their superior hardware and software specs actively try to alleviate network congestion so you don’t experience any disruptions online.
Packet loss can also happen when you have defective equipment or worn cables. If you’ve done everything on your own to solve packet loss and it seems like nothing is working, you should call your internet provider. You may need new equipment or cabling inside or outside your home and your internet provider’s technicians can best help with that.

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