5 Must-Have Gaming Accessories

Gaming Accessories

While gamers primarily rely on gamepads and keyboards as their weapons of choice, gaming can be much more enjoyable when you have some great gaming accessories at your disposal. Racing games, for example, are pretty terrible on a keyboard, marginally better on a gamepad, and perfect on a steering wheel.

While there’s a wide variety of gaming accessories available, we wanted to boil it down to some must-have gaming accessories that should appeal to every gamer.

LED smart lights

While RGB accessories for PC are a popular thing, such as RGB keyboards and monitor strips, you can typically only set these to a few static colors. You pretty much set them and forget them. For even better interaction between your PC gaming and RGB lights, consider buying smart lights from brands like Philips Hue or Xiaomi YeeLight.

Third-party developer software exists for those brands, like Blueforcer’s Jeelight, which can send commands to your smart lights to change colors depending on what is happening on your screen. So for example, staring into a campfire in Skyrim would change your smart lights to red, or you could emulate the lighting of an Indian casino while playing online poker. It’s really cool stuff that makes gaming a lot more immersive than just regular RGB lights.

VR gloves

Easily the most expensive items on this list, you typically need to purchase VR gloves directly from the companies that manufacture them, and you can expect to pay between $200 - $800. Most companies are focusing on developing industrial-grade sensor gloves for enterprises, but cheaper options exist for consumers, like CaptoGlove which retail for around $290, or the SensoryX VRfree for around $650.

With a pair of sensory-loaded VR gloves, you can expect nearly perfect hand and finger movement in your VR games, as every motion of your hands are captured and sent to the VR world. Future VR gloves will have haptic feedback built into the gloves, so you’ll also be able to feel virtual objects.

Retro controller adapters

For fans of retro gaming, especially when using emulator software, you might either use a single gamepad like an Xbox 360 controller, or buy a gamepad made to look like a retro controller. But if you actually own original controllers from retro consoles, you’ll be pleased to know that you can purchase USB adaptors that allow you to plug your original console controllers into your PC.

You can buy adapters that are specific to controllers like made by Nyko, or an all-in-one solution like the Bliss-Box which has ports for several retro console controllers.

Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Racing Wheel

Logitech offers a great steering wheel setup for PC and Xbox One gamers, as the G920 racing wheel is cross-compatible between PC and the Xbone. Unfortunately, there are almost no racing wheels that are cross-compatible between Xbox, PS4, and PC, except for a few that need specific game developer support, not console-level support.

In any case, the G920 is built for durability with solid steel ball bearings, leather wheel grip, and responsive floor pedals. It’s the best racing wheel in the ~$300 price range, as the next step up would be putting together a sim-racing kit which can reach $500 or more.

Razer Raiju Mobile Gaming Controller w/ Phone Mount

Smartphone games are becoming increasingly more console-like in their graphics and gameplay, and so any serious Android gamer needs an equally serious gaming controller. The Razer Raiju Mobile may be a bit pricey at around $150, but you get the awesome quality assurance of Razer brand, and useful features like hair-trigger shoulder buttons and wireless/wired modes.

If the Razer Raiju Mobile’s price doesn’t justify itself for you, there are other great Android gamepad options like the SteelSeries Stratus, or the GameSir G3. Unfortunately, neither of these come with a built-in phone mount like the Razer Raiju.

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