10 Gadgets To Keep Your Home Safe

Gadgets To Keep  Home Safe

Security is a basic need for everyone. With the development of technology, it has become more accessible than ever before: manufacturers offer a million gadgets and apps that are designed to keep your home safe from uninvited guests and domestic accidents. Check more details from this article.

To understand this diversity, we have prepared a brief guide to the most popular security devices.

Smart lock

This high-tech device recognizes visitors, takes photos, and sends data to a smartphone. Some gadgets register every person who enters the house by identifying them by their phone number. You can lock or unlock the door with this lock from anywhere in the world where there is Wi-Fi. Best of all, there's no fear of losing the key.

Door Opening Sensor

Magnetic or electric contact type devices will react to an uninvited guest attempting to open the door and will activate the alarm. Sensor opening can also be installed on the windows. It costs inexpensive, installed quickly, works reliably.

IP camera

It has already been proven that the presence of video cameras reduces crime several times. For apartments and cottages, a simple IP-camera is enough. With it, you can watch what is happening in the house while you are not there. It will be even more reliable to install motion sensors with photo fixation. They will not record what is happening around the clock, but if something happens in your absence, the sensor will record everything and send an alarm signal to the monitoring center.

Motion sensor

The motion sensor creates an infrared background of the room. The movements of a person and objects change it – the sensor registers this with pulses. If their number exceeds the allowed level, an alarm is triggered. For example, the sensors of the Caesar Satellite security system, when triggered, send a signal to the monitoring center with a photo confirmation.

Smart Sockets

This device was created specifically for those who constantly doubt whether they forgot to turn off the iron. With the help of smart sockets, electrical appliances can be controlled from miles away from home. During your absence, the sockets can be programmed to turn on and off the lighting devices, creating the appearance that the house is not empty.

Smoke detector

A fire safety system is as much a necessity as a washing machine or refrigerator. Optical smoke sensors track the transparency of the air, and ionization sensors track its composition. Regardless of the type, the sensors sound the alarm even at the slightest smoke and can call the fire brigade.

Water Leakage Sensor

If you do not want to risk repairs – your own and neighbors – pay attention to these devices. They are installed at the bottom of the bathrooms and react to water ingress. In this case, the sensors automatically block the pipes. If the washing machine caused the flooding, it will also be turned off. If triggered, they will also send an alert to the mobile app.

Gas leak detectors

For homes with a fireplace or stove heating, carbon monoxide sensors are relevant. Another type of sensor is suitable for apartments and houses with a gas pipeline – they record the critical level of flammable gases in the air. In the event of an accident, these gadgets can block the access of fuel to the room using special locking devices and send an alarm signal to the monitoring center and notify the owner using a mobile app. In addition, a signal about an increased concentration of carbon monoxide can be sent to a separate siren to sound an alert to people in the house, including those sleeping.


These devices provide protection for the house, creating a presence effect in it. For example, there is a gadget that simulates a working TV screen. The color and brightness of the glow are changed for reliability, in order to mislead the attacker. Or a lock that turns on a loud dog barking inside the room when trying to break in.

Comprehensive security system

Individual gadgets can not guarantee 100% protection of the house. It is more reliable to install a comprehensive security system. For example, Caesar Satellite with the help of basic sensors provides protection in all areas - from hacking to domestic accidents. In total, this will be cheaper than individual devices, and you can control the alarm through a mobile app. In the event of an emergency, it is sufficient to press the alarm button on the key FOB.


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