5 Fun Facts About Keyboards


Every time we access the computer, we see the keyboard. We use it all the time when we type some file or search for something online. But have you ever looked at the keyboards and wondered how they work? 

What is interesting is that some people in the world make weird keyboards. Some of them look like some unusual things, while others look like strange instruments. 

Here are some facts about keyboards that might amaze you.

The smallest spacebar ever

The Japanese language is very rich in characters and requires a more precise selection of the desired symbol. This is why Japanese keyboards’ spacebars are a lot smaller than English ones.

The spacebar indeed takes up a lot of space on your keyboard. The average spacebar is about a third of the width of a keyboard, which means it takes up around eight times more space than other keys. So maybe Japan really is better at saving space.

Another reason that not only the old and small Japanese spacebar is way far behind in achieving the standard typing speed, but it also won’t be able to perform better on any online spacebar counter tool to measure the contender’s spacebar clicking speed.

Keyboards full of germs and dirt

Your keyboard may be carrying more than just letters on its keys. Did you know that your office keyboard could be 4 times dirtier than a toilet seat? Yep, researchers at Aston University in Birmingham found that the average office chair houses up to 10 million bacteria per square inch. 

While numbers of bacteria decreased from top to bottom and front to back, what really shocked the researchers were the levels of bacteria found on the undented side of a keyboard!

That’s right; two-thirds of the keyboards tested at the end of 2005 had more than 10 times more bacteria than a typical toilet seat - and one was a germ hotspot that carried diseases such as colds, flu, salmonellosis, and even the stomach bug Norovirus.



New fashion trends of keyboards

The trend is mostly Japanese, and one of the first to go viral around the world was the Japanese keyboard trend on Tumblr. This laptop keyboard is decorated with dozens of vinyl decals. The most popular sticker pattern on this keyboard is a Japanese flag, which stands for national pride. It somehow symbolizes the owner’s feelings about being a member of that community, and it recalls feelings of belonging and perhaps nostalgia for that cultural background.

Keyboard decorating is a phenomenon. It was first started by teenagers who reveled in placing colorful sticky notes on their keyboards but now have evolved into vinyl decals for laptops.

The mother of all keyboards

The common computer keyboard today has a similar design, features, and layout to the Model M, which had separate function keys and separate arrow and numeric keys, which made it a big mother of all the latest keyboards. 

The big difference is that we replaced the buckling spring mechanism with a cheaper membrane click-type switch in the early 90s. Although a buckling spring keyboard is not mechanically complicated, it is considered more difficult to manufacture, so it is more expensive than using cheap membrane switches. However, it provides better tactile feedback when typing and is preferred by most serious typists.


The first ergonomic keyboard was invented by the Swedish company Stopczyk and was first launched to the market somewhere in 1989. It featured a split layout and mesh-covered rubber dome for each key. This solution presented users with the familiarity of a regular computer keyboard combined with what might be called semi-ergonomic features, which eventually led to the increased efficiency during long hours of typing.

Whether you use a regular keyboard or an ergonomic one, these "fun facts" will teach you what is actually happening when you type on a keyboard during the course of your daily inputting.

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