5 Lesser-Known Table Games You Can Play On Your Mobile

Table Games

The most popular traditional games we know now have online visions that we can enjoy anytime and anywhere. Many enjoy table games you can find in brick-and-mortar casinos because of the random results you would get from playing them. With RNG or Random Number Generators, you can either win or lose a bet, depending on the uncontrolled outcome of each play.

Like in a land-based casino, you can get an overview of the entire game except for the players, making it ideal for people with limited social battery. You can get the most realistic experience with online table games without traveling away from home. 

Enjoy some popular casino games like poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat. You should also explore some lesser-known but equally entertaining table games you can play on your mobile. Some don’t need bets, so you won’t have to worry about your bankroll!


Pinball is a classic arcade game that is loved by many. In the old days, many players would stay on pinball machines for so long to beat the machine's highest score. Today, you can just access the pinball machines through your mobile phone and play the game as long as you like. Like how you play roulette online, the game primarily depends on timing and luck. 

Steps on how to play it: 

  • In most online pinball games, players must hold the spacebar to pull the plunger and release it to launch the ball. 

  • There will be on-screen instructions on how to play, but in most cases, you must press the flippers to keep the ball inside the machine.

  • The ball must hit different objects in the machine to earn scores without letting the ball drop down the middle of your hitters. If it does, you lose the game.



Cribbage is a classic card game less popular than poker and blackjack. The online version lets you play cards and earn points to race your pegs around the board. You just have to keep playing to cross the finish line before your opponent does. With the standard 52-card deck, you can play two-player cribbage. 

Steps on how to play it: 

  1. The first thing you must do is place the pegs in the starting positions. 

  2. Then, you have to cut a deck of cards to choose the first dealer. It should be shuffled, and six cards should be distributed to each player. 

  3. Next, you should discard two cards from your hand into the dealer’s crib. 

  4. The remaining deck of cards must be cut, and then the dealer must cut the top card of the remaining deck. It will be called the “cut card.” It must be shown face up. If the starting card is a jack of any suit, the dealer gets two points and pegs two holes in the cribbage board.

  5.  The non-dealer will lay down a card, announce its value, and show its face up. 

  6. The dealer will then lay down another card, announce its value combined with the opponent’s card, and show its face up.

  7. The process should be repeated until a player reaches an overall value of 31.


Backgammon is a classic board game enjoyed by players of all ages. It involves moving your pieces off the board, along its triangles, before your opponent does. The game relies on strategy and luck, so you will never know who is going to win until the game is finished. To many, it is considered the “cruelest game in the world.” To know why, learn how the game works below!

Steps on how to play it: 

  1. Each player will roll the dice to determine which player goes first.

  2. Players will take turns in rolling two dice. The numbers will determine how far the player can move their pieces. You can move on a triangle that contains no pieces, your own pieces, and a single opposing piece.

  3. Moving onto a triangle with a single opposing piece can get it removed and transferred into the middle of the board, so the owner will return that to the board by returning to the beginning.

  4. Once your pieces make it to the end of the board, you can now remove pieces (also known as “bearing off”). You can do this if your dice show a number that is exactly how far the piece would have traveled to the board.



Foosball is a popular table game at parties. It has online versions, but the game is undeniably the most enjoyable. Foosball is a family-friendly game that parents and their kids can play online. 

Steps on how to play it: 

  1. Choose whether to play solo or with a friend.

  2. Play the game. Most mobile versions have a start button to activate the ball. The shots will be fired automatically based on where the ball is going. You can just move the offensive or defensive rods through your screens.

  3. Each goal is considered 1 point. The player who gets the highest points in each match wins the game.



Online Mahjong has straightforward rules. It is so simple that many would prefer complex table games for a different level of thrill. Besides being an engaging game, Mahjong trains your mind and concentration skills

Steps on how to play it: 

  1. Mahjong is all about matching two “free” tiles with identical symbols. By saying free, there are no other tiles on top of them. 

  2. As you pair identical tiles, you’re also unlocking more tiles behind the top layer, allowing you to match new tiles. 

  3. Your target is to match every tile on the board. In an instance where there are no matches available, the game is over for you.



In the digital age, more and more digital versions of the classic games we love are available. These versions have been more immersive and convenient for busy individuals, allowing them to enjoy their free time through challenging and exciting games. This means that no traditional game would become obsolete. They will just be digitally recreated in more engaging and more entertaining versions!


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