6 Excellent Exodus Kodi Alternatives to Watch Out For

Kodi Exodus

Kodi Exodus is no doubt one of the most popular addons that provide you facility to watch movies, tv-series, and other content online. It is one of the most downloaded and oldest addons of all time.

Kodi repositories have been shut down and so people have started finding out the alternatives to it. Today, in this post brought to you by Technographx, we will have a look at the available Exodus alternatives. Let us continue reading and find out the alternative which is most suitable for us.



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It is also one of the most popular exodus alternatives currently. It resembles exodus to a great extent and that’s why it is so popular. Many users have been using this addon for a long time and they told us that it is the perfect alternative to use.

It is similar to exodus in several ways. You will find tv shows, movies and what not. The amazing UI of incursion will surely attract you. You will find intuitive navigation which will take you to your desired content seamlessly, thanks to the filters for this!

Neptune Rising

Another famous addon after exodus got disappeared is this one. The developers are working on new updates of this addon with dedication and so you will see frequent updates coming to it and also new types of content being added.

The content is organized perfectly so that users can find their desired content seamlessly. Whether you are looking for a movie or a tv show, you will get to it easily. There are lots of different content available which will attract you to watch more and more for sure.




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If you are a seasoned Kodi user, you might be familiar with this one for sure. This addon also got disappeared a while back but one developer brought it back with a polished version. 

This add-on has a main menu where the content is split into different categories. You can watch a movie, Tv show and much more on it. You can filter the contents with the advanced filters as well.

Also, covenant works with several different online providers to ensure that users always get a working link of the content they are looking for. So, if you are in urgent search of an alternative for exodus then without any second thought, go for it.


One point that we want to inform you that these add-ons are mainly developed by some developers who have previously worked with the Kodi community and that’s why they are very similar to the exodus.

One another alternative to exodus is this one: Placenta. It is also developed by a developer from the Kodi community. Placenta shares the same core with Exodus but also contains other types of content as well which were not contained by Exodus.

Apart from movies and tv shows, it also offers documentaries, fitness-related videos, cartoons and much more. It works with several online content providers for this so that the users get their desired content over here and they don’t have to go elsewhere disappointed.

Go for this addon without any doubt as the majority of links are working perfectly fine.




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This one is a third-party add-on which means it doesn’t share its core with exodus but it can serve your purpose. Many users have used it and they are happy using it.

Lots and lots of content are served by this add-on. You will get movies, tv shows, cartoons, anime, and even documentaries. It currently works without any issue so install it and try it today to start streaming online content.


Another very popular name when it comes to third-party addon similar to Exodus. You will get to know about the popularity of this add-on when you open it. It has been launched more than 4.5 million times since its launch date.

As we say, content is the king today and this addon perfectly follows that notion. It serves a lot of good content catering to a wide audience. There are different sections over here such as sports, movies, tv-series, cartoons, etc.

In the sports section, you will get all kind of content such as boxing, WWE, basketball, etc. There is adult content as well. One of the best and unique things about this addon is that it brings audiobooks too.

Just install this addon and start using it to start streaming the content you want to see.

So, here were the Exodus alternatives that you can start using. Select the best as per your choice and just install it! To get more updates on tech news, follow Technographx!

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