Essential Editing Tricks For Filming Videos On TikTok

ricks For Filming Videos On TikTok

TikTok is a magnificent app. Also, it has a simple workflow that allows the TikTok users to edit the videos outstanding. 

Here are the fantastic tricks from growing your edit while recording to taking videos throughout your timeline.

Fundamental Cutting

You can edit your video content while you film on TikTok. If you finish up your filming work, automatically, the app adds the video clips to your timeline as you film them.

You can press the red record option once, let it film, or hold and leave to film a particular length. If you filmed all your video clips once, then you can edit it in the future. Here are the famous TikToker points about the essential functions on TikTok and giving the facts of what to do when you have filmed a video content.

To edit your video, pick the clips from the “Adjust Clips” on the right side of your screen. Every clip has a number overlay on it, which refers to the clip duration, and you can pick them to your timeline if it fits. Hold the clip that you want and drag it to the right, and press the save button. Now, it’s a perfect time to add Effects, Sounds, and Titles!

Audio Effects

Tap the “Sounds” option at the top screen to see the music list. If you selected your song once, you place it where you want to play it for best sync to your filmed shots. Also, you can attach the sound effects and voice-over additionally.

You can attach one song per video inside the app currently. You can also use tools outside TikTok to bring your video content attractively and then post it on TikTok.

Suppose you filmed a clip with in-camera over. In that case, your sound and music effects, and anything else you have attached, then the platform lowers the camera’s audio volume while increasing the music. To do it correctly, tap the “Volume” option from the arrow icon on TikTok. You can see two options there Added sound(the music you select) and Original sound(voice-over and camera voice). 

Sound Effects

You can add your own or search for different sounds under the “Sounds” option. To do sound effects, search in a sound library, enter a term (splat, bang), and the term “sound effect.”

Click the “Voice Over” option on the right to attach your sound effect. You can play your recorded sound effect whenever you want in your video, like the other audios. 

Using Of Transitions

Go to “Effects” and select “Transition” if you posted or recorded video content. Get the one you wish, and point out how you need to use it. Click on your timeline to add the transition, and it will be added. 

Working On Texts

To add a title or text to your video content, click Text at the bottom. You will find the option to select the color, font, and sizes for your texting. TikTok fonts will be familiar with the Instagram fonts. On you typed your texting, you can select where they need to appear and how long they need to appear on the screen. Click the title one time to do this. A box-like outline will appear around your texting and shows two factors: Edit and Set Duration.

Set Duration is used to set your length and time. Clicking on the Edit option takes you to the screen to select your color, size, and font.


TikTok looks tremendous due to its effects feature. There are two different ways to apply them - after and before your film. Once you complete your video recording, you can speed your video, reverse your video, and add filter effects, including AR filters like Snapchat and Instagram. Effects are the essential part of building likes for your video contents; decorate your video contents with stunning effects, and magnify the vast audience through buying TikTok likes to your stunning video contents.

Click the “Wink” face option next to the record button to apply the effect. It gives loads of effects to select from. You can apply one effect now at a time and can’t add two effects one over another. One effect needs to end to use the other effect.

Let’s see a brief look at a few effects and what they do:

Beauty - select the “Beauty” on the screen’s right side when recording. It gives a face smoothening and adds a polished effect slightly to the people in the video.

Speed - select the “Speed” on the screen’s right side when recording. You can use the various options in recording section as slow motion(0.5x, 0.3x) or speed(3x, 2x)

Filters - select the “Filters” on the screen’s right side to give a preset look to your video content. There are various filters to choose from; select the best one from them.


It’s a perfect time to publish once you have completed your video content tremendously. You will see several options like tagging friends, adding hashtags, and any accounts in the description box, just like Instagram.

You can publish the video content to private, public, or only to your followers, and also, you can disable the comment section for your videos. Another option you will see is allowing people to recreate your content in their unique way, and it makes the best thing to get your video viral.

You can save your video content on your mobile phones. Later, you can publish your content to Snapchat and Instagram, and also you can send it to your circles through any online resources.

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