Learning Management System: Why Saas Is The Way To Go

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Learning is a continuous process and in today’s time, it definitely is not limited to one’s academic years. Even though you have stepped into the professional domain, you still need to keep learning. This is essential for you not only to survive the ever-growing competition but to strive and make your mark.
Organizations have felt the need and significance of enabling efficient learning processes and hence they are eyeing to leverage new tools and Learning Management platforms to boost their learning and skill development efforts.

Learning Management System Overview:  

Since inception, learning management systems have quickly gained attention and acceptance from organizations worldwide. Initially, it was considered a high-end tech solution and seemed fit only for corporate titans and large-scale enterprises. However, LMS vendors are running their R & D efforts in full-fledge to come up with feature-loaded LMS options at an affordable price. This has encouraged small and medium business enterprises to consider an LMS as their best bet for streamlining and expanding their L & D needs. The introduction of cloud-based LMSs or SaaS LMSs has been a significant point in the LMS ecosystem.

Before we delve deeper, let’s understand what a cloud-based or SaaS LMS is.

What is a Cloud or SaaS LMS?

A cloud-based LMS can be defined as an LMS that is hosted on the internet, which can be accessed with authenticated login. It does not require physical infrastructure, set-up, and maintenance costs and thus is proven to be a cost-effective, reliable, and robust solution.

Software as a solution (SaaS) is nothing but a cloud-based subscription model to access the LMS. The best part of a SaaS LMS is that the subscription can be customized as per an organization’s learning requirement.

SaaS or On-premise LMS: What is best for you?

On-premise LMSs are usually hosted on an organization’s premises while SaaS LMSs are hosted on remote cloud servers. When given a choice between on-premise and SaaS LMS options, organizations can take a call based on their L & D need, scope and volume.

Experts and industry veteran, however, will recommend a SaaS LMS as it offers unarguable flexibility, cost efficiency and offers an effective learning curve for both educational institutions and enterprises. SaaS LMSs comes with easy and quick deployment capabilities, automated updates that too without incurring set-up and maintenance costs.

Advantages of SaaS LMS:

Scales with your organization:

As we have already covered in the article, SaaS LMS is nothing but a cloud-based subscription model that enables easy access to the LMS. The unique differentiator for SaaS LMS is that it can scale with an organization. For instance, if there is a limited learning requirement, the organization has the flexibility to opt for a smaller subscription model tofulfil their learning needs. On the other hand, when the L & D requirement scales up, the SaaS subscription can also be upgraded accordingly. With SaaS LMS, scalability never remains a challenge.

Store data centrally:

Central data storage is one of the key advantages of cloud LMS solutions. With a cloud LMS, organizations don’t need to worry about the issues of physical storage of data or distributed nature of data or data duplication and redundancy. Cloud LMSs store data on a central place on a remote cloud server making data accessible anytime anywhere and with ease.

Access anytime with any device:

Now, to access data, individuals don’t have to rely only on their workstation computers. With authentic login credentials, they can log into the LMS anytime, anywhere, from any device without compromising the safety, security, and version of data. Many cloud LMSs are also available as mobile apps, increasing data accessibility easy, reliable and on-the-go.

Enhances Security:

Can you relate to wondering if you have locked your system or not or how well your system is password-protected? Well, it is an everyday scenario. But, with a cloud LMS in place, you can put your worry to rest. Data stored in a cloud LMS is always protected by multiple layers of security and only people with requisite login credentials are authenticated to access the data. The stringent security features make cloud LMSs popular and the best bet among their other industry counterparts and peers.

Though we have outlined several advantages of SaaS LMSs, on-premise LMSs have their set of advantages as well. It depends on the organization to make the best choice and align the LMS features with their learning requirements. It is always advised to do thorough research and analysis before opting for an LMS.

If you want expert advice on which type of LMS is right for you, get in touch with Alpha Learn, India’s leading Learning Management System today!


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